Cross-Cultural Issues In International Business

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Cross-cultural issues in International Business

Cross-cultural issues in International Business

International Business

Every era of the globe has different ways of business dealings according to their social cultural and environmental influences. Knowledge of the cultural differences and their impact on the changing environment and businesses is the key for international business success. International business issues involve many factors that can affect business growth directly. Few of the crucial issues involve Trans-cultural issues and social patterns in the business activities. Difference in cultural practices directly leaves an impact on your business and its profitability.

Business entrepreneurs must get proper knowledge of cultural values, traditions, environmental factors, work ethics, economic structure and authority of the country where they start their business. Any business's success and failure are directly dependent on their ventures, mergers and inquisitors and more essentially it depends upon the people. If people are not aware cross-culturally, then breakdowns and misunderstandings in communication can be occurred which ultimately lead in making blunders and damages for organization. Understanding the changing trends of culture and communication ways can be the help for employees in working more effectively. And that can give a competitive edge to those organizations which lack in maintaining intercultural competence. Big global organizations follow a complete understanding phase of international business practices before entering the international market. They cater all the cross cultural sensitivities with strong market study and global practices.

As, this essay also highlights the different aspects of these cultural and social issues in Haiti. And also discusses the trends Haitians follow.

Subtopic 1: Values

Every individual of the society has to go along with the cultural norms and values even if he does not want to adapt or perform cultural norms. These cultures encompass other sub cultures in them. Therefore, it is the combination of all the values, traditions, environmental factors, work ethic, economic structure and authority of any society. Haiti is one of those countries which have been considered among the top of the poverty chart nations.

Description of Concrete Exercise

From experience that I have found for them, their values are the basic component of cultures. Values of their culture create the concepts about the end desirable states. Their values represent the priorities of an individual. Also, those values define the behavioral aspects. These values are not taught by anyone, the culture itself teaches a person adapting them and people of Haiti are well in adapting the cultural aspect in their practices. The business practices typically follow these cultural boundaries which is more likely the biggest obstacle for Haiti business.


With the experiences being observed it is found that Haiti is that region where the cultural values are really strict and not commonly found in other cultures. The people of Haiti are much affectionate, polite but shy, and they are very modest. This attitude is really hale and hearty in Haiti. The weird part of their values is that they are not committed to the time schedules. I have observed that people are not aware of the importance of time and how it should get ...
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