Cultural Anthropology

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Cultural Anthropology

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Cultural Anthropology


(B) As society increases in complexity the incidence of infection increases.

(B) The term market externalities refer to cost of benefit of economic transactions not included in retail price.

(A)The relativistic fallacy is the notion that certain cultural values are morally superior to others..

(C) The main organizing principle of hunting and gathering societies was Kinship.

(D) Farmland may become scare due to All of these choices.

(D) Cherokee societies were exterminated as a result of contact with Europeans.

(C) The three stages that Lewis Henry Morgan believed that human societies are evolved through:




(B) As a means of inducing southern states to relinquish their claims to western territory, the US government forcibly removed the Cherokee people from their ancestor land.

(C) A relatively large, dense and permanent settlement is more likely to increase the spread of the infectious disease.

(A) Government involvement must be for socially undesirable event to become economically positive event.

(B) Human rights activities usually reject moral or cultural relativism because their main focus is on international law. (C) The agroecological approach is defined by Ronald Nigh to agricultural production as “it borrows indigenous agriculture practices as poly-cropping”. (D) Anthropologist accounts for fundamental cultural differences as these differences are the by-product of biological differences.

(A) British east India Company gained control of the textile market in India through a combination of War, Plunder and competitive restrictions.

(C) The goal of WTO is to ensure free flow of good across national boundaries.

(C) Genes are not the common aspect of the culture.

(D) Americans Believe that success is the result of hard work, self denial and sacrifices.

(A) To understand the practice of virginity testing in turkey one must understand how Turkish villagers understand the reproductive process.

(B) The use of Field work and participant observations make the cultural anthropology different from other forms of social science research.

(A) The ethnocentric fallacy is a notion that our beliefs are right while those of others are wrong.

(B) Until approximately 10,000 years ago, most of the people lived in nomadic groups of around 30-100 people.

(D) All of the above enable discipline of the class room environment.

(D) According to author, Unhappiness at the slow pace of economic reform contributed to the rise of Iraqi insurgency following the 2003 US invasion.

(C) The annual cost associated with obesity in US is an example of pure free market.

(D) Because humans have culture they are able to live in none of the above.

(B) The common life events that all people experience differ mainly in the meanings people give to those events.

(B) Mark Cohen argues that the main reason for groups to adopt agriculture was increased population density, a direct result of hunter-gather communities.

(C) According to the Leslie white, the extent to which equity prevails in the society is the key factor in judging the relative development of a particular culture.

(A) Seed and soil metaphors describe reproduction in Turkish village society.

(B) In reading American football as a cultural text, it seems that American feel about ...
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