Cultural Impact On The Relocation Of Leadership Practices By International Hotel Businesses a Capstone presented To The Faculty Of European University in Partial Fulfillment Of The Requirements For the Degree: (Degree Title)

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Cultural Impact on the Relocation of Leadership Practices by International Hotel Businesses

A Capstone

Presented to the Faculty of European University

In Partial Fulfillment of The Requirements for

The Degree:

(Degree Title)



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This research study is conducted to analyze the impact of cultural on the relocation of leadership practices by international hotel businesses. The impact of cultural phenomena on the relocation of best leadership practices is also examined. Moreover, this study also highlights the chances of hotel industry success in managing the cultural diversity. In the case of leadership differences in cultural dimensions a leadership style can be effective in a particular culture and little effective in another. These dimensions appear to respond to a series of psychological dilemmas of universal relevance that had already been identified theoretically. The studies have mentioned that the globalization of various business organizations has helped to implement and incorporate various strategies. These strategies can also help in focusing on the domestic operations which can further help the organizations to export processes to complement them. The most appropriate research method for this particular research study is mixed method research design. Mixed method research design uses qualitative and quantitative research method collectively to examine the proposed research aim. The quantitative research design provides statistical approach of data collection and analysis. A quantitative data collection method is employed by conducting questionnaire survey. Qualitative research design is an affective research method as it allows the in-depth analysis of target respondent's perception which is collected by using interviews. A questionnaire and interview survey is conducted with the managers and senior managers of the international hotel industry. Questionnaire survey is conducted with 75 managers of international hotel industry whereas, interviews is conducted with 10 senior managers of international hotel industry. The employees are recruited from different international hotels. The findings are affective to assist the impact of cultural phenomena on the relocation of best leadership practices. The survey results will help organizations to predict more accurately potential problems regarding cross-cultural interactions and develop strategies to increase cross-cultural international hotel business operations efficacy. The hypotheses testing and correlation results also re-affirm that it is prudent that leaders must be aware of the potential impact of culture on the leadership styles and behavior of their followers because of the cultural differences. Foreign leaders at the fore front of cross culture leadership should seek to find equilibrium between their ...
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