Culturally Diverse Childrearing Practices: Abusive Or Just Different

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Culturally Diverse Childrearing Practices: Abusive or Just Different

Culturally Diverse Childrearing Practices: Abusive or Just Different


The practice of child rearing is an important and imperative one for the parents and teachers that also occupies central position in the religious and cultural groups. The teachers that are also considered to be the spiritual parents of the individuals are asked to keep their students safe and healthy while also taking care of their welfare. The importance of cultural diversity cannot be ignored particularly when long range of cultures is present within the society. It is not important to take into consideration the students only that belong to culturally diverse groups but also the teachers that are working at various educational institutions, busy in imparting education. The culturally diverse group of teachers and students has made them to exchange and understand each other so that positive association could be developed between them. In this paper, differences in the culture along with its flaw, negative consequences of cultural relativism and sense of sharing values have been defined in order to understand diversity of the cultures that are present in different societies of today's world. However overview of culturally diverse childrearing practices has also been defined whether it is abusive or just different

Differences in Culture and Its Flaw

The differences in culture and it flaw have long been discussed in various literature in the past. However, the cultural differences and it various aspects have always been defined with respect to some important point. The cultural differences with respect to the child rearing are an important aspect in the parenting that has several points of discussion. Parents usually see it an important part of their parenthood as to what culture their children is being brought up and what are their activities. However the important point is that the globalization has made the individuals to adopt certain aspects of the culture they are living in. Due to the present globalization in the countries and particularly in the United States, the parents are definitely more concerned about their children as to what they have been facing in their daily lives. Moreover the adoption of wrong culture is another important concern for the parents. The teachers in the present society can play an important role in this regard. The teachers, being spiritual parents of the students and are present while attending school and other educational institutions, it is important for them to have vast knowledge of the cultures so that they can cater the behavior of the students coming from diverse group of cultures.

Negative Consequences of Cultural Relativism

The concept of cultural relativism is associated with the ability of the individual to adopt or related him to some other culture. As there are several positive aspects associated with the cultural relativism, the negative consequences have also been experienced within the societies. The important point in the cultural relativism is that of accepting everything whether it is the truth or not. Moreover, another negative consequence of the cultural relativism is that of having ...
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