Current Financial Analaysis Of A Furnitue Company

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Current Financial Analysis Of A Furniture Company

Current financial analaysis of a furnitue company

Brief Analysis Of The Present Position Of The Furniture Business

According to official statistics, in recent years there have been some slowdown in the furniture industry. However, these data do not provide what kind of furniture market occurred in the whole picture. According to our estimates, UKStatistics Committee in furniture production, the report of the serious and the actual figures - the furniture and woodworking Russia (APMDPR) Olga Gurleva Enterprise Association Director-General. - On Russia, particleboard production data available to the furniture company, in essence, correct: The number of furniture should be increased by almost half. Because of this difference in the fact that the statistics for various reasons is not an important part of the concern to the South-South cooperation. In addition, the official figures do not reflect the overall production of the individual or some sectors of the economy.

This ratio is very small, only 0.00. As of June 2009 the operation of anecdotes, to 15.59 billion of receivables, which is matched pound for 56 days of sales. This is 2008, when Jools Furniture Industrial Co., Ltd. has been anecdotal at 85 sales.

In 2009, turnover from the description of 102.47 billion pounds, the total transaction cost of the project is 02.04 billion pounds, or 99.7% of sales (or 5.3% of sales revenue). Than in 2008, when the total cost of goods sold 98.1% of small businesses overall profitability. Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and profit Institute (EBITDA) of amortization to 43.5 billion pounds, or 4.2% of sales. It's EBITDA over the same period of 2008 EBITDA margin was 6.1%, the sales business the edge of poverty. Before 2009, Furniture Industry Co., Ltd. in Jools 2.23 billion pounds, or 2.2% of the special sales. The difference between income from operations in 2008, his income margin was 4.3%, sales of high-grade small. College in early 2009, equity was 27.3%. This height difference is much higher than 40.6% in the current, is back in business in 2008 to complete. (Excluding special items.) In the second quarter of 2009, Jools Furniture Industry Co., Ltd. introduced dividends £ 5.99 account. This is 18%, in 2008, when the business was described as £ 5.10 per share, in the second quarter profits.

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