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Curriculum Leadership Platform Paper

Curriculum Leadership Platform Paper


This paper aims to discuss the curriculum for adults with disabilities and slight grey areas and who are in post secondary. From this research, I try to shed light on integration of special education and technology. This paper also discusses a very serious yet the most neglected issue of career exploration designed for adults with disabilities. I believe that by integrating technology in the education of adults with disabilities, the standard and learning efficiency both would be improved. The inclusion of technology in the curriculum of adults with disabilities would help them to experience and new and exciting career opportunities. These career opportunities would then be open for adults with disabilities because with technology oriented curriculum that they would be better poised for the future world. Subsequently, these better jobs would help disabled students to land a better job and future (Wilmshurst, 2010).


This paper tries to advocate the post secondary curriculum for the education of adults with disabilities. I have also discussed grey areas in the curriculum of disabled adult education. In my point of view, the curriculum lacks the career exploration importance.This has undermined in post secondary curriculum of disabled adults. As far as myself is concerned, I believe that incorporating technology in the curriculum will improve the career exploration for these adults with disabilities. If the technology is incorporated in the curriculum, then these adults with disabilities would have better opportunities for employment in different areas and will hope for a brighter future.

Today as one hundred years ago, mental disability continues to pose, even in its various forms of expression (call it stupidity, delay etc. ..), enormous challenges health partner. There is no consensus on how to call on criteria to be used for diagnosis and approach are that aspects of social, medical or educational purposes. However, advances have occurred in recent decades have been spectacular. In Intellectual disability is a decline in mental abilities of an individual. Intellectual disability is not a disease. This is a group of diseases and syndromes (CEJCA, 1992).

These groups of diseases and syndromes accept a accepted characteristic: the limitation of intelligence at a akin that prevents or hinders from boyhood or boyhood from the accustomed operation of the alone in their ancestors environment, amusing and labor. This limitation after-effects in a ambit of disabilities accompanying adaptive basal abilities such as self-care and absolute living, acquirements or to chronicle to others. Bookish affliction has three capital components: bookish activity decidedly beneath boilerplate adaptive behavior arrears and aboriginal access age.

When I say “adults with disabilities”, these disabilities ranges from cerebral to concrete disabilities and the age of the acceptance is 18 and above, because we are talking about adults. Acquirements disabilities are allotment of cerebral disabilities. The primary assignment of this affairs is to accomplish these disabled adults an alive allotment of this community. This affairs will advance these adults to face the apple and not alone face it but aswell accord appear ...
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