Dance Halo Business Analysis

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Dance Halo Business Analysis

Dance Halo Business Analysis


Dance Halo previously had several names since starting its operations in 1960s as a ballroom venue. In 2008 the venue was reopened after it was purchased and today it is operating as a ballroom and event managing firm. Many years ago when it was operating it had a very historical look and atmosphere where many historical events and actors performed, but when it was bought in 2008 as things have changed a lot therefore a reconstruction cost was £ 125,000 was invested to make it according to the needs of the market and the customers of Dance Halo. As Dance Halo was now offering its services as an event venue along with the ballroom therefore the target markets have changed and the customer characteristics have also changed. The Dance Halo has also started promoting its business through e-commerce to enable to target a large market and a vast range of customers. Thus the business analysis report will provide an analysis of the e-commerce business of dance halo. It will also analyse the e-commerce market and the customer. The report will also provide suggestions regarding the customer needs, betterment that can be brought in the service sector and ways to increase the market share.

Literature Review

Dance Halo is a venue that is created on the past theme, but due to buying of the new brains it has been recreated and has provided a modern look to its customers. Today the venue fulfils all the needs that are provided by any venue developed in the 21st Century. It has become a multi-purpose venue which is a necessity for many customers in the market. The provision of vast range of facilities to the customers has developed a unique position of Dance Halo in the market. Dance Halo adopting all the necessities and advantages of the 21st century has also started its business on e-commerce. In order to find that the Dance Halo business performance on the e-commerce market an analysis needs to be done in key areas of the business: first is the nature of the business, second the analysis of the customers, analysis of the services need to be provided by the Dance Halo, market trend and the analysis of the competitors in the industry.


According to Goel, (2007) E-commerce is the buying and selling of products and services through the facility of internet, website or through the cable satellite service. There are different forms of e-commerce that can be adopted like business to business, business to customers, business to government and several other ways that can be adopted by the organizations in order to achieve organizational goals and reach their target customers. Dance Halo has adopted e-commerce that will help it in achieving to target markets first is the customers and second are the suppliers that are needed in case of fulfilling the order from the customers. E-commerce can facilitate Dance Halo in achieving its targets in minimum ...
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