Dance Wear Marketing

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Dance Wear Marketing

Dance Wear Marketing

Dance wear are apparel damaged by dancers to enhance their presentation, to assist them to promenade better and to of course to gaze very pleasant to support their performance. There are numerous kinds of Dance wear as there are numerous kinds of promenade that began from numerous locations and cultures. (Kotler 2009)

            The prime goal clientele of Mahogany Dance Wear will be the African-American cowboys established in the south part of Houston, TX. As we are located in the epicenter of their residential community we accept as a fact they will make up the biggest percentage of our clientele base.

            The lesser goal clients are the Hispanic community in the area. As the Hispanic community extends to augment quickly in the south central area we anticipate to obtain the patronage of Hispanics as they are very trusted to Dance apparel.

            The last goal clientele of Mahogany is recorded as other. As attractiveness about the shop rises we anticipate to glimpse an assortment of curiousness seekers, and localized residents from the community as well as cyclic purchasers throughout rodeo season. (Kotler 2008)


Market Segmentation

            The African-American cowboy community is intensified very powerfully in the southwestern part of the town thus premier to the largest engrossment of our clientele base. The Hispanic community, which is a increasing community in the community in which the shop is established, has statistically shown to be trusted to the foremost dance wear emblems for example Wrangler.

            The last locality of promise clients is marked as "other." Because Mahogany Dance Wear boasts a kind of Dance apparel, along with accessories and presents we seem that we will appeal numerous inquisitive shoppers. Our ambience and clientele service will make them replicate customers. (Kotler 2009)

Market Analysis



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