Dangerous Minds: The Movie

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Dangerous Minds: The Movie

Dangerous Minds: The Movie

Q1: Provide a decent summary about the characters and plot of the story?

Ans: In this drama, the teacher discovers that it takes more than the basics to get to class "uneducatable" Children. When Lou Anne Johnson (Michelle Pfeiffer), nine-year veteran of the Marine Corps with a degree in education, begins a new job in the urban schools in California, the principal (George Dzundza) warns her class to be "rejects from Hell" - children with serious social problems and is not interested in education.

Q2: What happened in this interview? Why? Did she accept the job? Why? What should have happened in an interview for teaching?

Ans: In "Dangerous Minds," Michelle Pfeiffer portrays Ms. Johnson, a school teacher who accepts a position teaching in an inner-city classroom where the students have little respect for authority and no desire to learn. While believing in the students' ability to excel, she nevertheless plays the role of a "white hero" to the community, and her implied message says, "I understand. Just follow me, and I will make things well for you," according to Robert Goodrum, Area Director for Young Life in Newport, Rhode Island (Goodrum, 1997, July 8, interview). Instead of portraying a relationship where one's strength supercedes another, if would have been helpful to depict caring individuals working side by side with a community; respecting the difficulty of the task and remaining open to guidance along the way.

Q3: What does he tell her when she says, “I can't teach them.” Do you agree with what he tells her?

Ans: Within five minutes she leaves the classroom, slams the door and confronts one of her colleagues. “Who are these kids….rejects from HELL?” Her colleague says, “LouAnn, you said you wanted to teach.” She replies, “I can't teach THEM!” He responds, “Yes you can. All you have to do is get their attention. Or quit.”

Q4: How did she first reach her students? Look at her clothes, her behavior, her topic of discussion… what happened? And, what grade do they begin the class with? Then, the next day, what happened with her first sentence on the board? How did she reach them?

Ans: 'White bread!' That is the epithet that one of the tough, poor, mostly black and Hispanic children in the troubled minds Danderous throws Louanne Johnson (Michelle Pfeiffer), their new teacher on the first day she walks into class. Louanne, a former Marine, never had a permanent teaching job. The only reason she landed this one because its students troublemakers nobody wants to touch. Ore, offensive, rap generation of criminals who do not know much about history or English or math or anything else, they think that school is a sham, and that is not touchy teacher could help them escape from their poor, crime, convoluted No, the future of families. Of course, at the time Louanne looks in its hostile person, you know that she is going to disarm cynicism, and kindle a fire in their ...
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