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Data Migration and the impact of inaccurate data on a CRM System


The research is based on the analysis of data migration & the impact of inaccurate data on a CRM system. The proper selection of data sources is of key importance. The data store in the data warehouse of the CRM system. The data warehouse is a collection of data in which information is integrated in the institution and used as support for the process of making management decisions. Although various organizations and individuals fail to understand the focus of a Warehouse, experience has shown that there are many potential pitfalls. Research also focuses on the data migration, which is usually performed programmatically to achieve an automated, freeing up human resources task embarrassing. Finally, report concludes with the argument and final thoughts of proving the thesis statement.

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Thesis Statement1



The Impact Of Inaccurate Data on a CRM System2

Inconsistent Coding4

Units / Inconsistent Formats4

Labels Inconsistent4

Incomplete Or Incorrect4

Quality Of Data5


Function of DWH: Integration and Separation7

Benefits for CRM8

Risks of DWH8



Data Migration & the impact of inaccurate data on a CRM System


The transformation is to change all the data managed by a source computer system (hardware and software) to use on another target system. The differences between software require transforming the data to be compatible with the new system (Woodcock 2003). This data transformation, to be carried out successfully, requires two prerequisites. Verification rules that must be verified by the migrated data: This check must be faced as the old rules (comparing data models) that deal with data before migration (data cleansing). Identification of migrated data that do not meet the new rules: Amnesty of some validation rules for certain data migrated.

Thesis Statement

Data migration usually performs programmatically to achieve an automated, freeing up customer relation task embarrassing. The proper selection of data sources is of key importance. This analysis must always be based on high quality data to form a reasonable basis for decision. In addition, a continuous supply of current data is necessary. If the wrong data or only outdated information is collected, it can lead to serious mistakes.


Migration is, in computing the transition from one state of an existing information system or an application to a defined target in a project or program . Migration is required when organizations or individuals shall change computer systems or upgrading them. The process used ensures the integrity, completeness and reliability of the migrated data, while respecting the costs and completion dates of the schedule changes and tipping. Our methodology is based on our factory conversion and migration and has a proven tool to perform common tasks. Automatic analysis of processing modules and data models, the constitution of the data dictionary, the generation of programs for extracting and loading data source, a detailed audit and advanced data the generation control program integrity (Tomiuk 2002). The assistance in specifying matching rules data source and target establishing cross-references between the data source and target. Scheduling data source and target unmatched, automatic generation of statistics for ...
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