Day Of The Dead

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Day of the Dead


Life is beautiful. But, we also have heard that life is not a bed of roses. It shows us scores of ups and downs and makes us face reality. One of the bitter truth and reality of life is that it has to end someday at some point and this end of life is known as death. In our world whenever someone dies a proper ritual is followed according to the culture and religious beliefs in different parts of the world. For many years, in various cultures there are beliefs about death that have successfully developed a series of rituals and traditions either to worship, honor, frighten and even to sneer the death of the loved ones. Mexico is a country rich in culture and traditions, one of the main aspects that make up its identity as a nation is the concept that they have about death and all the traditions and beliefs that revolve around it. The aim and objective of this paper is also to talk about one of the festivals that is related to the death in Mexico. The following part of the paper discusses the celebration and importance of day of the dead for Mexicans.


Day of the dead is the time when the souls of dead relatives return home to live with relatives living and to feed on the essence of food offered to them in the household altars. The Day of the Dead, as it is popularly known, is practiced throughout Mexico. It involves both indigenous communities and mestizos groups, urban and rural. According to the belief of the people, the first day of November is dedicated to the dead children, i.e. those who died as children, the second day, is dedicated to the dead into adulthood. In some parts of the ...
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