Death And Concentration Camps During The Holocaust

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Death and Concentration Camps During The Holocaust


The Holocaust is an unforgettable happening of the history which reflects the dreadful circumstances under which various ethnic groups and especially Jews were put to dead. Millions of people were executed in Holocaust. Adolf Hitler was the power that led to Holocaust and he was the leader the Nazi group who caused the devastation of millions of Jews because he held responsible to the Jews for the defeat of Germany in World War I. The Hitler and the Nazis used the phrase "The Final Solution" for their objectives and intensions to kill the Jews. For this purpose they made a lot of death and concentration camps to execute all the racial groups that they considered inferior to them. This paper aims at discussing the circumstances of prisoners' and their situation in death and concentration camps during the Holocaust.

Death and Concentration Camps During The Holocaust


History of Holocaust

The meaning of name Holocaust is "sacrifice by fire," which relates to the organized, persecution and assassinations of around six million Jews. The incident of Holocaust rose as the result of political, economic and social issues that Germany countered after World War I. The power of the Nazi's began when in 1933 the Adolf Hitler became the ruler of Germany. He was the leader of the Nazi group who was the strength at the back of the fanatical persecution and the huge murder of the Jews and peoples of different other groups. Hitler was the cause of devastation of millions of Jews because he held responsible to the Jews for the defeat of Germany in World War I. There was also the element of jealousy because most of the Jews were very flourishing and they held far good statuses in Austria and Germany. During Great Depression, Germany had a great effect on economy and the Jews had very little impact on it.

Adolf Hitler was a very brutal man who had differentiated among various groups of people as homosexual, gypsies, and Jews groups. If people did not have physical appearance as the Nazis and Germans had, they were not accepted by him and they were taken to the torture camps where they were being harassed, maltreated and punished hard. The business trades of Jewish people were boycotted by him and his companions. The Holocaust started when the Nazis came into Germany supremacy in the beginning of 1933 and it ended in 1945 when the Nazis were defeated by the Allied powers. The majority of European Jews lived in countries that Nazis had intensions to occupy during the World War II. Nazi had strong a consideration that they were racially greater and the Jews were racially lower than them. For Nazis, Jews were the greater danger to Germany and therefore the Jews were the fundamental victims of Nazi racism. These Nazi were enormous threat for racial group of people. During this war of Holocaust, many German powers were also under attack because they were also perceived as racially inferior by Nazi.

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