Death Of A Sales Man

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Death of a Sales Man

“Death of a Salesman”


Death of a Salesman is particularly concerned about dreams and sleep. The main theme of Death of a Salesman was the pursuit of that dream. Research details wrong Miller Willy Loman of this dream. The representation of the American Dream in Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman was written post-war America. At that time the idea was more of a sentence, was a way of life. In efforts to improve the reader's understanding of history, we must define the American dream. After World War II, the United States prospered economically. The idea of ??prosperity was the root of the American dream.

Death of a Salesman is one of the most famous plays written and produced in America at the end of the modern period. It is the family tragedy of an aging, failed Brooklyn salesman who returns home at the end of the week too worn out to go again on his New England road trip. He quarrels with his wife, rails against his sons, regrets his lost youth, and complains that the house, which is almost paid off, has lost all of its yard and flower gardens to the surrounding tall, ugly apartment buildings (Susan, 1995). The play steadily reveals Willy's delusional mind as he relives scenes from the past, enacts mental retreats from the present, and, after totally withdrawing from reality, drives off in his car to kill himself. It is a play in which all of the characters are lost to the corruption in modern business, urbanization, father-son conflicts, and the general failure of the American dream. The play received immediate recognition because of its fine stagecraft, serious social issues, and modern definitions of tragedy. Influenced by the earlier experimental works of the Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen and the Swedish playwright August Strindberg, it is distinguished by its finely crafted plot, clever foreshadowing, effective irony, and dense symbolism. While it observes the traditional unities of action, place, and time, its experimental flashbacks allow for much fluidity. Though it is set in Willy Loman's house and takes place within a brief period of two to three days, flashbacks shift the audience freely from place to place and time period to time period. Asides effectively reveal the inner psychological tensions that drive Willy Loman to self-destruction. The original set was designed for freedom of movement, and the atmosphere of the play was established ...
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