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Week 1, Task 1Communication process (linear and interaction models)

Once I was a part of the speech which was delivered by the Principle of our school. The speech was on “motivation”, how to motivate and create a habit to be motivated and how important are motivational employees in an organization. It was a 2 hours speech including questions and answers. But there was no feedback taken by the students and teachers of the speech given by the principle.

Analysis of the event in context to communication:

Principle was the sender, he was delivering the speech. Students and teachers were the receiver; the message was the speech on motivation and facts including how to motivate ourselves to achieve goals determined by us, channel was the auditorium in which we all were present. There was no such feedback taken after the speech ended. (Berger, C. R. 1977 P.225)

Communication was successful or unsuccessful:

The communication was successful because the sender (principle) communicating speech was in a clear voice and the expressions were also visible by the students clearly. There was no noise created in the atmosphere of the auditorium which made the speech more effective and audible. Microphones and speakers all were set perfectly and the arrangements were done appropriately.

Week 2, Task 2Communication process (transactional model)


Once I was in an exhibition and the theme of the exhibition was “styles of 21st century”. I went there with my family and was enjoying the exhibition, there were many stalls presented by different companies some were of households' item, clothes, cell phones, and many more.

There is met one of my old school friend and started talking to him, about how life going, what he is doing now etc. sender and receiver was me and him as we were talking to each other. Messages were about ...