Decision Making

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Reflective Report on Decision Making

Reflective Report on Decision Making


Life is complicated. It is unpredictable. Strange it is that many of us do not realize the number of decisions we make each day. These can be decisions that we make on a regular basis such as what is it that I would like to eat for lunch, what deadlines I have to meet and how will I spend my time. On the other hand, there are some decisions that we make on a non regular basis (Baker, 2001, p. 5). These are decisions that not only require a considerable amount of our time but are also needed to be made carefully because they have a significant impact on our life. The paper relates my experience of making a significant decision in my life - one that I am living right now. I shall discuss the way I made the decision and what do I feel about it now after I have taken it.


In the life of every student, there comes a moment where he has to sit back and make decisions about what majors he wants to take up and what school he wants to attend. While this may seem like a very simple decision for some people, for me it was something that needed due amount of time. I am basically from Dubai. I had my basic education from there only. However, the quest for education in me forced me to look for the best of the best. The education system in the UAE is not very good (Business Balls, 2012, p. 1). This is particularly true for university level education. I always wanted to major in global business. I am an entrepreneur at heart and after completion of my studies; I want to set up my own business. ...
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