Deer Hunting With Jesus

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Deer hunting with Jesus

Deer hunting with Jesus

The book “Deer hunting with Jesus” is written by Joe Bageant. His work is based on culture and its diversification. The subject in this book is not about deer hunting, but it discusses the culture, values and life for poor white working individuals living in America. The writer of this book explains the dispatches from American's class wars. Bageant presents a sad, humorous, enlightening and scary look of the rural working class. Bageeant a former journalist was the former editor of the military history. He grew up in the working class community of Winchester, a town in Virginia. He opposed the view of Marx “idiocy of rural life”, his focus was on the Great society social programs, and due to this fact he joined the ranks of new left. (Bageant, 2007)

The theme of this book begins with sharing the experiences of a white family living in Winchester, who were proud of its working condition. Joe Bageant rebels about the American social transformation blowing against him. He was against the support of the structural changes which were arising as a result of personal failure and resulting in the transformation of the lower middle class workers in lower classes. With this story line as a reference, the author has shared his views on the major problems of the past half century Americans. Ignorance was the result of this contempt that smacks of intellectual who has come to pervade to the bone of white workers. Poor health, nutrition and inadequate and expensive health care system have led to problems for them. There was an extremist liberalism prevailing.

Bageant in his book has opposed this background of white workers who were living a degraded life and they were facing violent situation. Bageant view point was that this case has emerged as a result of the power of socialization, educational background. He links these references to his father's deer hunting with family and friends who have the same force, but they were mistaken because of this fact. In his book he also explained the role of violence in American society, and how it was influencing the white working class. Irish settlers have been coming from Ulster, for their ferocity and religiosity. This view may be opposed as a result of bias but not to offer a first-hand testimony of an America unknown to many. (Bageant, 2007)

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