Dental Surgery

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Dental Surgery


Dental practice must be analyzed in the context of larger framework and include consideration for external factors when treating the patient. Productivity of the dental surgery and treatment is largely dependent upon the internal factor such as the technical skills of the surgen, equipment of the hospital, dental assistants expertise and skills etc. but when it is about the overall success and of the dentaly surgery and treatment then external and environmental factors cannot be ignored. Families, community and societies can play an important role in the success and productivity of the oral treatment and healthcare. The positive approach of the families and taking care of the remaining external factors with regards to the dental surgery are the part of dental health maintenance program. preventive and precaustionary step are important and can be encouraged by promoting complementing external factors that support the dental surgery and treatment. A research suggests that it is important to establish “scaffolding for physical, cognitive, and socio-emotional health” from a very young age as a preventive measure. The Commonwealth Fund also suggests that it is useless of implement one sized fits all approach in case of health and oral care as patients belonging to different ethnic and cultural background will be affected by different external factors and dental industry and surgeons need to come up with more individualized and risk based approach that is sensitive towards the multiple external factors affecting every paitent. There is a need to undertake community based approached include family, cultural, behavioral and socidemographic factors (Edelstein, pp. 3).

External Factors

Some of the most important external factors that affect the dental surgery and overall health care of the patient included the social factors, cultural factors, genetic factors.

Social factors include the social background of the patient and include social determinants like income or earning power of the patient, educational background, social capital, work background or occupation, community background and structure, social support, availability of health services and oral healthcare hospitals and facilities in the area. People living in a community or society where there is not previous knowledge or history of dental or oral health care provision will lack in terms of family and community support. Additionally demographic factors such as incomes and class status of the person will affect his ability to take advantage of dental healthcare and surgical treatments since they are expensive and out of reach of people who are jobless ...
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