Describe Your Understanding Of Both The Idea Of “race” As A General Concept And Your Understanding Of Your Own “race”.

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Describe Your Understanding Of Both The Idea Of “Race” As A General Concept And Your Understanding Of Your Own “Race”.


In nomenclature zoo, race is a taxonomic rank below the species (equivalent to the rank of a variety in other disciplines) in order to distinguish more finely within the species of domestic animals, the variation is due to the action of man (e.g. selection by the farm) or natural (evolution following geographical isolation, such an island). In the latter case, it is preferable to use the term subspecies (Abizadeh, Arash, pp. 23-24). There is talk of race bovine, canine or goat. However, the taxa to the rank of race does not have scientific names international constituency taxonomic often based on subjective criteria and practices (including the trade name used). These variations are very low for selected races to ensure a certain standard, which requires such unique services to meet optimally the purpose of use. For cons, the variability can be very important between geographical races (Abizadeh, Arash, pp. 23-24).

It is still possible to use the word "animal variety" to refer to a domestic animal population consists of a selected fraction of animals of a species that special treatment selection had the effect to distinguish from other animals of the species by a small number of characters whose enumeration defines the model. Concerning the human species, the use of biological criteria for defining different races raises ethical and the subject of numerous controversies. This other subject in biology for areas such as the physical anthropology or population genetics is subject to the general article “human race" (Abizadeh, Arash, pp. 23-24).

The concept of the human race is an attempt to apply to the species Homo sapiens from the concept of race, a term that defines the sub-groups of species domesticated in the reign animal. The zoological definition of the term race is: "subdivision of a species that inherits the characteristics distinguishing it from other populations of the species. In the genetic sense, a race is a population that differs in the incidence of certain genes from other populations, the result of insulation, mostly geographical" (Abizadeh, Arash, pp. 23-24). Some members of the scientific community, the concept of race seems now difficult to define in humans. However, a number of DNA-based genetic polymorphism could distinguish geographical distribution of some of this polymorphism. For example, the team of Luigi Luca Cavalla-Sforza suggests that Homo sapiens divided into nine focal populations: African, European, North African, East Asian, Indian, Arctic peoples, Australian Aborigines, South East Asia Pacific Islands. These new genetic discoveries listed in their account by the proponents of racialism (Abizadeh, Arash, pp. 23-24).


When did you first learn about the concept of race and what did you learn? In that first (or those first) experience(s)/encounter(s), what did you learn about your own race that made it distinct from others? What did you learn about others, and who were the “others”?

I was very young when I first learned the concept of race. I was around nine years old ...
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