Determining Your Perfect Position

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Determining Your Perfect Position

Determining Your Perfect Position


The Walt Disney Corporation, modeling itself as one of the premiere customer service organizations, has established itself by creating a healthy, dynamic corporate culture, adapted to their worldwide audience. As a leader at Disney I would react in various ways to critical incidents and crises (Edgington, 1998).

There are four key business strategies used at Disney; the culture is the key, knowing your audience, empowering the cast, and delivering quality service.

Transformational Leadership

As a leader at Disney I would ensure the employees at Disney are nurtured, take pride in their work, demonstrate the overall corporate culture, and appropriately become one of Disney's most prized assets. The discussion that ensues will emphasize Disney's organizational behavior, diversity, and structure under my leadership. These practices shall be enforced through such methods as role modeling, training, rewards, and other clearly defined business implementations. This discussion will conclude providing information on how these attributes shall influence Disney when making critical decisions, and those that motivate the cast members to provide quality service to the customers and communities.

As a leader at Disney my goal is to generate strong growth and to reach new levels of achievement. A solid long-term goal, but the Walt Disney Company is currently facing several crises that threaten its existence: the resignation of Roy E. Disney and Stanley P. Gold from its board of directors, Comcast Corporation's $54 billion hostile takeover bid, the collapse of Disney's partnership with Pixar, and the request for Michael Eisner's resignation by Roy E. Disney (Wheatley, 2005, 63-147). Research shows that historically The Walt Disney Company leaders have endured the good and bad times by remaining focused on their long-term goals and choosing key people to make sound business decisions.

As a leader at Disney the Company shall use a multidivisional organizational structure due to the multifaceted configuration of the company; Studio Entertainment, Media Works, Theme Parks & Resorts and Consumer Products. This structure shall seem to firmly link each of the company's operations. Each of these divisions shall assign its own executive officers; there are currently ten executive officers and sixteen directors (Martin, 2005, 52-96). As a leader at Disney I shall provide the synergy needed for the company to survive year after year.

The Disney web site states: "The Company has a tradition of innovation and creativity that is the result of hiring and motivating diverse employees with a wide range of talents" (Disney Online, 2004). As a leader at Disney I would like to empower its cast, to do this I would start with commitment at the top along with those who are willing to set examples.

The Walt Disney Company communicates three things through its organizational systems and procedures; quality, uniqueness and value. As a leader at Disney Quality shall be maintained and assessed by monitoring; using the toughest possible standards. The uniqueness of Disney has been achieved by exploring, experimenting and pioneering which I shall maintain and take it ...
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