Developing A New Car At Gf

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Developing a new vehicle at GF auto

Developing a new car at GF auto

The LIPON electric car is an innovative concept that has been introduced in the Indian market because of the rising fuel price in the country. The concept behind its conception is to provide a car that is eco-friendly and a little vehicle that would be suitable for growing difficulties in traffic. The company presented its vehicles not only to goal the Indian market but also cater to the growing demand for such cars in the worldwide market. In order to realise the competitiveness of the business and its place, a sequence of investigation is conveyed out like Porter's Five Forces and SWOT as well as the Value string of links under the McKinsey enterprise System. Following this analysis, it can be seen that LIPON is well placed to perform in a good way in the EV market. Even though there various trials that the business could face, it can be overcome by adopting diverse strategies. The company's key strength is that it provides a high expertise vehicle, in fact way ahead of other ones in terms of technology. And the supplemented point is that this high tech car is made likely at a smaller cost. The cost contrasted to other manufacturers in the identical industry is three to four times lower. The drag down component for the company is that it doesn't offer a broad range of vehicles like 4-door vehicles or larger models. It should be documented that in the future the range of cars offered should be broadened so as that it satisfies diverse types of customers. Despite all this, LIPON cars are making headway into many countries and in the future it would turn out to be one of the major players in the eco-friendly car industry.


In this assignment, the company taken into study is LIPON Electric Car Company which is established in India. The company would be analyzed on its competitiveness by doing an industry analysis based on Porter's Five Forces; a situation analysis is done using SWOT and is followed up with McKinsey Business System to analyze the value chain in LIPON. Based on this analysis, it can be appreciated if the business is competitively placed to face other companies in the industry. The business scheme undertaken and furthermore the ones to be taken is recounted so as to realise its future prospects of performance. The trials to be faced ahead are recorded down with recommendations to be advised in order to advance its standing.

Company Profile

LIPON Electric Car Company (RECC) is based in Bangalore, India and part of the Maini Group. LIPON is the first mass produced electric powered passenger car in India. It is the outcome of a joint project between Maini Group and Amerigon electric powered Vehicle Technologies (AEVT Inc.) of USA. The Maini Group holds 70 per cent equity while the rest is with AEVT.

LIPON means 'new beginning' in ...
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