Developing Competitive Advantage

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Developing Competitive Advantage


In this study we are explaining the management skills which companies require in order to be successful. Different companies use different methods of training so that their employees can perform better in order to gain competitive advantage. Companies, who motivate employee, work on employee development which is considered as sign of success for the companies.

Developing Competitive Advantage

Detailed and abundant writing on leadership, leaders are said to be a strong character who helps in organization which are we seeing through history. Leader is a person with a strong character and image who is capable of conquering minds of people. However, the modern-day manager has relatively little in common with these historical figures. Nowadays, leader has to face strong competition due to different complex situations. Leader must show his strong leadership qualities to face these types of complexities. When asked to reflect on how they lead, managers frequently talk about, power and authority (Morgan, 1997, p. 154). Also, we can use the political metaphor to unravel the politics of day-to-day organizational life. Most managers must possess the abilities to coordinate their activities to different people they are responsible for dealing with different people. They must focus on reaching the ends by coordinating their ways to other people. It is important that the power politics should be avoided which takes place at work because it can harm the work activities.

In addition, it has been observed that self-serving behavior not sanctioned by the organisation was a common theme in definitions of organizational politics. Despite the negative connotations surrounding the word “politics” and the inevitability of organizational politics, it is not necessarily dysfunctional. In this regard, it is useful to remember that in its original meaning the idea of politics stems from the view that, where interests are divergent, society should provide a means of allowing individuals to reconcile their differences though consultation and negotiation.

An organization's politics is most clearly manifested in conflicts and power plays. The conscious mind is that which is associated with what is happening now it is also associated with cognition as well as emotions. Human mind reacts to cognition as symbols which interpret the different activities (Armstrong, 2000). It can be positive or negative depending on the situation we are reacting to.

.Emotions are said to be both psychological as well as a physical phenomena. Limbic system is that part of brain and amygdale is responsible for ...
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