Development Of A Global Distribution And Market Entry Strategy

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The Role of Internet in Assisting Global Firms in Development Of A Global Distribution And Market Entry Strategy


Recent alterations in the technological environment have had a important influence on the accessible market strategies alternatives. At the forefront of this development are the born global companies, which have been somewhat fast to take up Internet-based channels. Interestingly, numerous of these companies have relied not only on Internet-based channels, but furthermore utilised blends of accepted channels and the Internet. This study recounts and investigates the structure and development from lone in the direction of multiple market strategies. It evolves a structure comprising of three unaligned factors: (1) the globalization method, (2) market structure and Internet suitability, and (3) long-run channel relations. These are analyzed in a multiple case study comprising of 35 cases. The Internet-based multiple market strategies verified to be more widespread in born globals that had come to a higher globalization stage than in those which were still at a initial stage. A innovative finding was that connection development with little localized channels and MNCs furthermore continues significant when Internet market strategies are used. These outcomes assist to a somewhat under-researched locality focusing on worldwide Internet-based market strategies and use of multiple channels.

Table of Contents



The Internet as a Driver of Globalization9

Research Questions12

A configuration-holistic set about to born-global firms' strategy formation process13


Multiple market strategies strategies and the Internet17

The planning-analytical approach23

The entrepreneurial-visionary approach24

The cognitive-clinical approach24

The learning-dynamic approach25

The political-interpretative approach26

The heritage approach26

The environmental approach27

The configuration-holistic approach27

The born-global firm as a study domain: key going by car forces and conceptual models29

Key going by car forces inherent the BG phenomenon30

Conceptual forms on the BG phenomenon33

TAM and internet utilization39

Definition and profile of a born global44

Internationalization idea background45

Entrepreneurship, the born global and appearing concepts47

Channels essential for born globals to come to and flourish in new enterprise space50

MNCs: portraying as schemes integrators and/or distributing born global's products/services50

Networks as partnerships for born globals52

Internet as a channel for born globals54

Retail Online55

Online Shopping: The major elements56

Implications for customary retailers59

Banking, brokerage and economic services62

Industry response66

Online melodies sales67

Standards (or need thereof)68

Industry response71

Multiple market strategies schemes and the Internet73

The co-creation with customers: Understanding "Internet time"76

Relentless aim market78

Electronic business-to-business forms and their promise79

Size matters79

Market mechanisms80

Market dyads—balance and content81

Exchanges as alliances82

Market manufacturer mechanisms83

Cycles upon cycles84

BMM perform and practicalities85

Product line administration and policy86

Product blend and the influence of “design” online87

New merchandise development and imitation87

Patents, trademark, and protection88

Channel alignment, logistics, and supply chains88

Channel alignment89

Channel economics89

Pre-start up and new project creation phase: born-globals' strategy formation method as a major outcome of the origin entrepreneur-manager's influence93

Pre-internationalization stage (international preparation): born-globals' strategy formation method as a key answer to altering environmental factors96

Post-internationalization stage (early worldwide entry-development): born-globals' strategy formation method as a outcome of worldwide networking and organizational learning mechanisms98

Post-internationalization stage (international development and consolidation): is the planning-analytical set about helpful in born-global firms' strategy formation process?100

Early and fast internationalization as an entrepreneurial and strategic process: a configuration-holistic approach102

Pricing, parrying, and paying105


Unexpected insights106

Complete commoditization unlikely107

Regulation in moderation108


Federal government109

Promotional mixtures110

Security ...
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