Diet And Exercise Versus Bariatric Surgery

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Diet and Exercise versus Bariatric Surgery in Obese Patients

Diet and Exercise versus Bariatric Surgery in Obese Patients

Statement of the problem

Obesity continues to be a major challenge of the society. It is considered to be a chronic disease that gradually leads to the development of various diseases. According to the latest government report, the number of obese adults is more than 72 million or 26.7 percent in the U.S (cited by CDC 2010). Obesity is a significant public health problem, it is associated with impairments of the individual's physical and psychological health and has been linked to physical social disability and decreased health related quality of life. Obesity requires drastic changes on the diet and lifestyle to promote weight loss. Weight loss is the key to reduce the likelihood of health conditions, physical disability, and even death. This paper explores how obese people are faced with two types of interventions to achieve weight loss, namely lifestyle modification, through diet and exercise, against weight loss surgery, specifically bariatric surgery. Weight loss can be achieved and maintained following an introduction of dietary changes and exercise program. A healthy lifestyle is a combination of a balanced diet and regular physical exercise that aid in the attaining of a long-term weight loss and maintenance plan. Connection between diet, exercise weight loss surgery and related diseases it's been closely studied by researcher who seeks to find the right tool to improve physical function health related quality of life. This research intends to present important points in determining the efficacy of two weight loss interventions, namely diet and exercise, against bariatric surgery. The research aims to identify how the findings of past studies establish the effectiveness of bariatric surgery compared to lifestyle modifications, such as diet and exercise, in confronting morbid obesity.

Research Questions

The purpose of this paper will be to analyze the Diet and Exercise Versus Bariatric Surgery in Obese Patients. The questions this study seeks to answer are:

How does diet and exercise affect obese patients?

How does bariatric surgery affect obese patients?

The research question is also to compare the efficacy of diet and exercise alone versus bariatric surgery.

Significance of the study

The common struggle that faces obese people is that it takes an enormous amount of dedication and discipline to maintain an exercise regimen as well as a healthy diet. Consequently, most obese patients experience difficulty in maintaining long-term weight reduction plans. In general studies show that obese people are faced with two types of interventions to achieve weight loss: diet and exercise versus bariatric surgery. The positive result of aerobic exercise in heaviness loss in all age groups is almost self-evident. Jakicic et al. evaluated the effects of various aerobic exercise every week programs that mainly differed on the total duration. As the duration of exercise per week increased the heaviness regained throughout the follow-up was smaller. In addition, a well structured exercise program should encompass sets of resistance exercise. The positive effects of resistance exercise are well documented and stem ...
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