Diet And Health

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Diet and Health


The emphasis on health is the most important part in a human being's life. In this study, we try to explore the concept of the Atkins Diet and its impact on the human body. The main focus of the research in this paper is put on working of Atkins diet and its advantages and disadvantages.

A convenience sample of 20 participants was taken to perform the research. This population segment included the people between the ages 25 to 35. They were surveyed using questionnaire which contained a set of 15 questions such as “How does Atkins diet differ from the normal diet to different people?”

The results obtained from the study indicated that 75% people think that Atkins diet is not healthy as it causes an abrupt loss in weight and the body faces malnutrition. According to the survey results, most of the population holds the opinion that eating everything and adapting a regular habit of exercise will boost the body's metabolism and let it stay away from obesity. Cutting down on food, or adapting Atkins diet is not healthy.

Diet and Health


Health is an important factor in every human's life. It refers to the function and level of metabolism efficiency in a human being's body and the general condition of a person. The World Health Organization had given the formal of definition of the term health as “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity". (1948)

The concept of Atkins Diet was given by Robert Atkins and is often called Atkins Nutritional Approach too. It pertains to a low-carbohydrate and ensures a better road to losing weight and keeping good health.

The Working of Atkins Diet

According to the natural process, our body burns all its fats and carbohydrates to ...
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