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The Effect of Diet on Human Body

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The paper talks about the how diet effects human being. It gives a brief overview of the general guidelines that one should follow in order to stay healthy. Moreover, it analyses the types of diet practices that are found in people from the US and the effects of those diet practices on their health. Furthermore, it elaborates on the diseases and disorders that are related to dieting. And in the end gives some advice on what to eat and how to eat healthy.

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General Guidelines1

Types of Diet Practices in the U.S2

Effects of US Diet Practices2

Dieting Related Disease3


Heart Diseases4



Other Eating Disorders5

Anorexia Nervosa5

Bulimia Nervosa5

Binge Eating6

Foods that can Help6



The Effect of Diet on Human Body


A balanced diet means getting the right kinds and amounts of foods and drinks to provide nutrition and energy for the body to maintain cells, tissues, and organs, in order to support proper growth and development. An optimal diet supplies enough energy and nutrition to support balanced growth and development. Where the term optimal means that a diet meets your daily requirements of nutrition, and do not provide too much of any nutrition. In order to maintain an optimal diet one should eat a variety of different foods from each of the different food groups. In order to that, one should know the amount of calories that one should intake and the foods that one should avoid. The food choices that one makes have a great impact on one's life.


General Guidelines

In order to live a healthy life, a person should always make the correct choices while eating. The most important factor to eating a balanced diet is to educate yourself and knowing what your body needs and what it should avoid. To stay healthy a person should never skip breakfast, since it is the time when one's body require the energy to jump start the day, and by skipping it our body's energy level remains low that causes fatigue and stress. Moreover, a person should have a minimum of three meals a day in order to spend a healthy life. This keeps the balance in eating, and positively reinforces the body about the timing to start the metabolism process, which keeps the metabolism of a person healthier. Furthermore, one should always eat from each of the food groups during every meal. This automatically provides the right type and amount of nutrients required by the body to stay healthy.

Types of Diet Practices in the U.S

Majority of the people in the US have dietary issues. These issues come from bad and unhealthy eating habits. According to the USDA, Americans eat thirty percent more grains than they should be eating. This is mainly consumed in the form of bread. Whereas, Americans consume twenty percent more meats than what they should consume, in the form of pork and beef. Meanwhile, only eighty percent of the vegetables, sixty percent of the diary, and forty percent of the fruits are being consumed ...
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