Discrimination With Women In American Literature

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Discrimination with Women in American Literature

Discrimination with Women in American Literature


Prejudice and discrimination is alive and well in our society and, unfortunately, it also flourishes in the Church where it makes many people into victims.  In my mind, this is the one institution where we should be able to operate freely without prejudice and discrimination - where ministers of the Gospel should be victors instead.  We should be accepted in the Church just as Jesus accepted all people, especially women, during his earthly ministry.

Women Rights

There's a deep prejudice about whether women have the aesthetic ability and the obsessive ability that makes something cultural. There is also the idea that women's stories are negligible compared to men's stories. But what men's stories are is also a product of the fact they are out in the world, in the centre of the politics. Whatever they like to say, critics are predisposed to be much more skeptical about women's work. They might have some women they champion but, by and large, they are always aware that it's a woman."

In some countries, women, unlike men, cannot dress as they wish, drive, night work, inherits property or deposit in court. The vast majority of discriminatory laws relating to family life, particularly as they limit the right of a woman to marry (or the right not to marry in cases of forced early marriages) as well as the right to divorce and remarry.

Gender Equality

Gender equality is essential to achieve human rights for all. Yet in all regions of the world, laws that discriminate against women are still in force and continue to be adopted. Whatever the legal traditions, many laws continue to institutionalize the status of second class citizens of women and girls in terms of nationality and citizenship, health, education, ...
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