Discuss The Evolution Of Strategic Intelligence Analysis Beginning In World War II Through The Korean War

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Discuss the evolution of strategic intelligence analysis beginning in World War II through the Korean war

Discuss the evolution of strategic intelligence analysis beginning in World War II through the Korean war


The operation of intelligence is a task of the U.S Government that was also recognized as occurred because of the result of the cold war. It is more of a fact that a lot of the information has been known today is because of the creation and development of the Intelligence Community, during the Cold War period. It is said to have been in operation since the founding of the Republic. It had undergone various modifications from time to time. It has played a vital role in the history to provide U.S military forces support, and providing U.S military forces with policies, so that they can be in linked with other countries.

Dicsussion and Analysis

American intelligence agencies have a long history. U.S. intelligence is considered the creator of the first U.S. president, George Washington \ George Washington, who for a while personally directed the actions of the service. Naval Intelligence was established in 1882 - before then it was set the task to analyze the possibility of attacking hostile navies powers on American ships. In 1885, its exploration has established the U.S. Army. However, most of the existing U.S. intelligence agencies were created during the "Cold War" and, according to most experts, they have not changed since then significant changes. For example, the civil intelligence service CIA \ CIA was established in 1947. The idea of ??creating the CIA, is now considered a symbol of American intelligence, came up against resistance to U.S. Department of Defense \ Department of Defense. However, the CIA was created - the White House and Congress came to the conclusion that the U.S. needs an independent agency of the military intelligence service, because otherwise in the hands of the Pentagon focuses too much power. Nevertheless, the Pentagon maintained considerable leverage effect on intelligence. In particular, it is a seven intelligence agencies that are part of the Pentagon, 80-90% of the total U.S. budget allocated for this purpose. The reason is that the structure of the Ministry of Defense are the most "expensive" and demanding intelligence agencies, such as the National Reconnaissance Office \ National Reconnaissance Office, which is responsible for space exploration programs.

Data on costs of U.S. intelligence secret. It is estimated Select Committee on Intelligence of the U.S. Congress \ House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence in 2001 appropriations for these purposes amounted to $ 40 billion in 1998, they were estimated at $ 26.7 billion (compared to the needs of science and space exploration in 2001, the U.S. spent in total of $ 20.9 billion). The United States spends on intelligence more money than the rest of the world combined. However, the effectiveness of these investments now in doubt. Attempts to restructure the U.S. intelligence community made since the late 1980s, but has not yet led to significant successes.For example, after the "Cold War" in 1990-1996-ies the number of intelligence officers has been reduced, funding has ...
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