District 9 Vs. District 6

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District 9 vs. District 6


District 9 is being hailed as a visionary achievement in modern science fiction, and it's certainly easy to see why. It is more than encouraging to see an original idea appearing in the midst of a summer full of remakes, sequels, and adaptations. The film achieves a great deal and is a genuinely memorable experience, though it falls just short of being a modern classic.

The District 6 locality is located in the town basin of Cape Town. It is split up into three components, Walmer Estate ( from Mountain Road to top Constitution Street), Zonnebloem (From top Constitution Street to Canterbury Street), and East City Precint (From Barrack Street to Woodstock (North of the Eastern Boulevard)). Zonnebloem is belongs to by The Cape Technikon (which furthermore is constructed over 50% of the land). Some components of Walmer Estate where decimated like Rochester Street and some components like Cauvins Street was left but the dwellings demolished. Other components like Worcester Street persons where evicted but not anything destroyed.


District 9 isn't exactly sci-fi for the ages-- it's too unclear on what it has to say, and its story ranges too far within the meticulously created world without providing any real insight. But it's impressive not just as a debut, but as a new example of how to use original sci-fi as a mirror to our own world, and without $200 million budgets and space battles or even hobbits. Peter Jackson took the money he made making a faithful and beautiful adaptation, and has used it to fund something truly, remarkably original.

The film takes place in the present day. Apparently, some 20 years ago, an alien ship appeared above the surface of the Earth. News reporters note with some surprise that the ship did not appear over a major American city, but rather over Johannesburg, South Africa. Over the course of those two decades, the strange-looking aliens (referred to as "prawn" due to their crustacean-like appearances) are removed from their ships, placed into a massive camp known as "District 9," and generally oppressed by the bureaucratic forces of a company called Multi-National United (or MNU). MNU has been contracted by various governments for the purpose of making sure the aliens are well-contained and not permitted to dramatically disrupt the lives of humans. After a while, humanity determines the aliens are too close to civilization and decide they need to be moved to an even more restrictive camp in a far more rural area (blog.us.playstation.com).

The locality was entitled in 1867 as the Sixth Municipal District of Cape Town. The District 6 district is compelled by Sir Lowry Road on the north, Tennant Road to the west, De Waal Drive on the south and Cambridge Street to the east. By the turn of the 100 years it was currently a alert community made up of previous slaves, artisans, merchants and other immigrants, as well as numerous Malay persons conveyed to South Africa by the Dutch East India Company throughout ...
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