Divorce & Children

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Divorce & Children

Divorce & Children


Divorce, according to psychologists - a stressful situation, threatening the mental equilibrium of one or both partners, and especially children. The situation of divorce in the family causes great harm to the mental health of the child, for which there can not be divorced from either the father or the mother. Parents can not be strangers to him, if you really do not want it. Particularly susceptible to divorce 5 - 7-year-olds, especially boys, girls also are experiencing particularly acute separation from her father at the age of 2 to 5 years. As medics say, every fifth patient neurotic child experienced during childhood separation from his father.

Consequences of his parents' divorce can affect the entire subsequent life of the child. The Battle of parents in period leads to the fact that:

with 37,7% of children falling grades,

in 19,6% suffered discipline at home,

17,4% require special attention,

8,7% run away from home,

In 6, 5% have conflicts with friends.

Children 2.5 - 3.5 years responded to the disintegration of the family crying, sleep disorder, increased fearfulness, reduced cognitive processes, a manifestation of untidiness, passion for their own things and toys. They had great difficulty parting with his mother. The game created a fantasy world populated by hungry, aggressive animals. Negative symptoms were recorded, if the parents care and rebuilding the physical care.

Children 3.5 - 4.5 years found increased genets, aggressiveness, experience feelings of loss, anxiety. Extroverts were made by closed and silent. In some children regressing game forms, for they were characterized by the feeling of guilt for the disintegration of the family.

Children 5-6 years old also observed increased aggression and anxiety, irritability, restlessness, Children in this age group are quite clearly what changes in their lives is a divorce. They are able to talk about their feelings, longing for the father, the desire to restore the family, the children have not been observed pronounced delay in development or low self-esteem, but the most vulnerable have been violated by sleep and appetite.

According to research data the most, is vulnerable at the decay of the family and only child. Those who have brothers and sisters, are much easier going through a divorce: the children in such situations vent anger or alarm on each other, thus greatly reducing the emotional stress and reduce the likelihood of a nervous breakdown.

One of the most immediate effects of stress for children - a violation of their adaptation to everyday life. This is evidenced by the results of the study of Czech psychologists. His father, who left his family, the child is often perceived as a traitor. Therefore, the occurrence of the child in the social environment is complicated and distorted.

But the absence of men surrounded the child is an important factor, but not determinative. Raising a child in this situation, practically the entire responsibility on the mother's shoulders. Therefore, the absence of the father is not so much the cause as a prerequisite for developmental disorders.

Divorce for Adults - a painful, unpleasant, sometimes dramatic experience, ...
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