Divorce Rate In America

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Divorce Rate in America


For the past few years, the divorce rate in America has been rising. In some cities, divorce in America is increasing at a rapid pace. This is a unfortunate statistics, but they are true. However, the concern is about the high rate of divorce in USA which should be taken seriously by society. There are several reasons for the rising divorce rate in America.

More Lenient Divorce Laws in America

The laws and regulations regarding separation and divorce are a lot more lenient than they once were which makes it a lot easier for individuals to receive a divorce in America. This is not only a reason that is impacting the divorce rate in America. Less strict laws are having an impact all around the world, as well. Years ago those who wanted to get divorced had to have a valid reason for wanting a divorce, for example, cheating or abuse. Now, most states in America have adopted a no-fault divorce law which means that you do not need a reason to separate from your spouse. This can not only lead to people divorcing for trivial reasons but can also lead to people marrying out of alternative motives rather than love in the first place since they know they can get divorced just as easily as they got married (Cherlin, 73).

Divorce is Rising Because Of Less Traditional Views

In the past, people never used to get divorced because of fear they may be looked down upon and even shunned. However, nowadays the world is a lot more accepting of those who get divorced and do not take such a negative view of it. With many friends and family becoming supportive of the concept of divorce, many people know that if the worst happens they will have a support system surrounding them, and they often do not fear being judged.

More Independence Increases the Divorce Rate

In the past, there had been a distinct role between men and women for men were typically the bread winners and women stayed at home to look after the house and children. Now, that notion has been has been flipped on its head with many women now being the main bread winners in the house across America. This new independence has lead to conflict, and empowered women to seek means to address any perceived wrong in the household which has seen a resulting uptick in ...
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