Does The X Factor And Similar Such Programs Have A Negative Effect On The Innovation Of New Music And Artists?

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Does the X Factor and Similar such Programs have a Negative Effect on the Innovation of New Music and Artists?




Background of the Research Study1

Reality shows1

Reality Genre1

X factor2

Aims and objectives2



Research Questions3


Reality Shows History4

Reality & the four sub-genres5


Design and Methodology7

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Background of the Research Study

Reality shows

In the reality shows the programs are on-air that are not scripted. These programs represent the actual situations (Rincoin 2003, 60). Some of the reality talent shows are as following: American Idol, America's Got Talent, The Apprentice, The Biggest Loser, Celebrity Apprentice, Dancing With The Stars, Hell's Kitchen, Nashville Star, Super nanny, So You Think You Can Dance and Survivor etc (Rushfield 2011, 50 ).

In the talent shows the real people who have some talent they participate in the shows and show their talents. Today, the talents shows have created hype and many new artists are getting a chance to come and show their talents (McGonigal 2011, 60). The reality music talent shows are providing a chance to the upcoming artists or to those who want to go further in order to make their names in the music industry. The famous music talent shows are American idol, and X factor etc. The potential of absorbing stereotypes and ideas from reality television have the potential of negatively impacting real life. Rincoin (2003 60) found that the show Survivor promoted a cynical view of the office environment. Plimpton (1990 70), claims that many viewers found the winner to be undeserving and ruthless, and they seemed to project these feelings into the workplace where the pitiless are often successful in climbing the corporate ladder.

Reality Genre

The reality genre has and continues to influence modern day television. In order to fully understand the impact of the genre, it is important to examine in depth the different categories that the reality television genre has spawned over the past decade (McGonigal 2011 65). The researcher believes that most reality shows can fit into four self created sub-genres and that there are certain characteristics and “grandfather” shows that can define each one. The four self created sub-genres are as followed: Challenge, Talent, Makeover and Celebrity.

X factor

The X Factor is another take on the singing competition. Unlike Idol, the age range of its competitors runs from teens to senior citizens. Musical groups can also compete, and the contestants are coached by the judges. The show is one of Cowell's two major hits in England.

It is a reality television show; this show was designed as a replacement of pop idol. The X factor name stands for the transmuting a normal person into a star (Kowalski 2010 90).

Aims and objectives


The aim of the research study is to find out that the X Factor and similar such programs have a negative effect on the innovation of new music and ...