Doing Critical Discourse Analysis With Conceptual Metaphor

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Doing Critical Discourse Analysis with Conceptual Metaphor




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Critical discourse analysis (CDA) is the categorized as discourse analytical research that basically studies the way social authority misuse, supremacy, and disparity are recreated, replicated and battled by text and talk in the social and political context. With such unconventional study, serious dissertation analysts take obvious position, and thus want to comprehend, expose, and eventually resist social disparity. Some creeds of CDA are already found in philosophy of the Frankfurt School before the Second World War. Critical Discourse analysis is used in the discovering the role of dissertation structures in founding communal disparity. Representative structure on the hand has established fairly little attention in obvious CDA. This paper is devoted to amend this by emerging a understandable theoretical framework for CDA and also Symbol.


The holistic of CDA is a multidisciplinary domain and is termed as critical disclosure analysis. The study is based on a number of theoretical approaches on micro level which deals with social and political aspects. The approaches are basically unified whereas according to social critics inequality can be applied as well as, discoursed by the use of elite language. According to Weiss and Wodak (2003: 12), “there is not a single methodology which becomes the major characteristic of the research in CDA”.

Chilton in this regard is on the opinion that CDA needs to draw acute attention on the particular type of linguistic that is 'Halliday's. Primarily, this is termed as Critical Linguistics which afterwards absorbed in CDA. The approaches have largely been neglected by the CDA. This one is the most surprising fact because it highlights the ideational qualities for conceptualization. Here the idea is generalized as development of knowledge of the world, as well as the “social knowledge” regarding different people, processes, objects and related aspects of the world. As according to Lakoff “an ideology is a system of its own kind”. On the other hand, it can be said that it is an overview of the different objects in the world and simply it is termed as conceptualization.

On macro-level discourse is related to the social structure and on the other hand it is also related to social inequality. According to this approach of CDA researchers highlight the concept with a multi-dimensional model. It is defined as the model in which there is a strong relationship between the identified text and social implications can be witnessed as according to discourse practice”. It can be summarized as a system which is composed on mental representations of the group members which is characterized as socio-cognitive approach.

To better analyze the meaning of discourse it requires a cognitive approach. Chilton goes ahead to state that discourse happens and the process is usually interrupted by humans as they interact with each other.

Literature Review: Main theories of metaphor (concentrating on conceptual metaphor)

Concentrating on conceptual metaphor comes with the problem of motivation which forms the theory of experientialism or conceptual embodiment. These concepts were discovered by the famous researchers ...
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