Drug Use Among Young People

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Drug use among Young People

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Drug use among Young People


Nearly a total number of 22 million Americans use drugs and are addicted to them. The effects of these are great and it has become nostalgia for people of all ages. It's even occurring in homes where children are under the supervision of their guardians. There is a need to expand the drug addiction research, and to find reasons as to why more and more youngsters are becoming part of it. The scope of the number of people addicted become a burden on public health, and associated morbidity and mortality compels the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) to direct its resources towards its research. This should also be made part of the many countries health reform (Volkow, Dr Nora., 2007). Previously, studies that were conducted showed that young people of both gender use different psychoactive substances. They have given rise to a concept of 'multiple drug use' or 'poly drug use'. Similarly, according to a study report of British Crime Survey (2009), the result was more than half a million individuals between 15 to 30 years had used ecstasy and cocaine. Both these drugs are considered hard drugs with multiple effects in the future (Marsden, John., 2000)...

Aims of this study

In light of all the above facts this research aims to increase awareness of the increased numbers of young individuals on drugs, add to the policy formulation for reduction in the numbers addicted on drugs, determine the age at which its use becomes rampart, the type of drugs that are used by young people belonging to different backgrounds and the motivating factor for its use.

Objectives of this study

Further, this research would help to widen the scope of understanding of drug use amongst young people. The backgrounds of these young addicts, how it fulfills their lives, the environmental and personality factors that contribute the use of drugs and the benefits they conceive makes them re use the same drug. After the study, this research might help in policy formulation which would prevent the young users of drugs to abuse it and it will benefit their guardians and ultimately the whole country (Edwards et al., 1972; Sadava, 1975). Thus, my research question is 'the issue of drug use amongst young people has risen to be a major epidemic in the society today. What are the motivations and impacts of drugs use amongst the young people?'

Literature Review

There are many reasons why young people do drugs. Mostly, youngsters need to establish themselves as an independent individual, where use of alcohol and drugs use is part of being an adult. There may be other reasons why the teens and young adults fall to drugs. Curiosity, peer pressure, the feel of increased energy and confidence, to escape from issues associated with family and friends and lastly, those with low self esteem and depression are some of the reasons drug use has increased at a high speed (Marsden, John., 2000).

Although, there are young users of drugs ...
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