Drug Use And Crime In New Orleans

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Drug use and crime in New Orleans

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Drug use and crime in New Orleans

Madeleine Prevost a 16-year old girl was hard at her work in an art project of high school. She did not share the project since she herself along with the project was a work in progress. After her early death, the painting is now hanged in her mother's New Orleans home and it is not just a painting of a single girl but of many alike. The painting portraits the entire generation called “Katrina generation”. The girl in the frame of the painting looks as if she is a 40 year old woman and her mother. The flood waters are now gone and the processes of rebuilding have been carried out but many people especially teenagers are struggling to cope up with the legacy of Katrina which destroyed hundreds of homes, schools, neighborhoods and friends were lost. After Katrina, the cheap drugs have flooded the streets of new Orleans and have destroyed the lives of the teenagers of new Orleans (Gelinas, 2007) (Simmons, 2007).

Despite of the unavailability of the evidence regarding deaths and traumas related to the drug addiction in the teenagers of New Orleans, healthcare experts have observed a significant increase in the suicides, clinical depression and behaviors of high risk among the youth of New Orleans. Many teenagers have died due to excessive intake of drugs which are available very cheaply in all the regions of New Orleans (Drug Enforcement Administration, 2012). In addition to this devastation, the suicide rates from 2006 to 2008 were observed to be tripled. The kids in New Orleans are forced to use drugs by the elder teenagers and unfortunately, there are no such restrictions over the selling of abusive substances. Moreover, the laws and regulations are very ...