Durham Region Transit

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Durham Region Transit

Executive Summary

Identifying and solving transit problems is one of the major tasks responsibilities confronting the Durham Region. Regardless of the larger expenditures of the bus system in Durham, the current transit problems in the Durham region continue to get worse because of the worst planning of the company, lack of maintenance by the Durham Region Transit company. Thus, this company is in major crisis because of these mentioned reasons. In this analytic report, we will discuss issues that this company is facing in managing its transit services. In this analytical study, it has been analyzed that by building better a larger roads these problems can be solved. Road projects are required to be the main part for the transit plan of Durham. However, all these solutions will be better implemented if the government will help the Durham Region Transit in traffic management, providing them with the better and bigger transit system. The main purpose of this analytical report is to analyze that sustainable transit management by Durham Transit involves the utilization of lower cost bus services capable of providing better services for the citizens of Durham region. This analytical report highlights the major issues of Durham Region Transit organization to develop and supervise their transit system in order to provide higher level of equity, environmental sustainability and mobility.

Company Background

Durham Region Transit (DRT) is the company responsible for transportation in Durham region. Transportation has been a very important part in human life. This company, DRT, offers buses with cheap prices to passengers to keep their movements easily. The Durham Region Transit Commission manages the operations of Durham Region Transit, this Commission consists of the members from the Durham Region Council. In the year 2007, in the month of April, a new committee was created with the name Durham Region Transit Executive Committee. The main responsibility of this committee was to take over the routine supervision tasks, with the complete Commission gathering on a limited basis as required. The Executive Committee includes one councilor from Durham Region metropolis as selected by the mayor of each metropolis, and a regional chair.

DRT is controlled into working divisions reflecting its forerunner systems:

Victoria: Initially recognized as DRT East. The Victoria serves the Whitby town

Raleigh: initially recognized as DRT east. The Raleigh serves the Municipality of Clarington and City of Oshawa

Westney: Initially recognized as DRT West. The Westney serves the City of Pickering and Town of Ajax

North: Initially recognized as DRT North. This is serving the Townships of Uxbridge, Scugog and Brock

In addition to all the above-mentioned services, the Durham Region Transit also provides services for the disabled persons. Majority of the maintenance and operational services of Durham Region Transit are delivered by regional employees. These employees are the associates of Canadian Auto Workers Local 222. In the starting, the Whitby operated under the provisions of the current contract of Whitby Transit with Trentway-Wagar. This was a new agreement that combined the operations of Uxbridge, Scugog and Brock. In the year 2011, the Trentway-Wagar ...
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