Dynamex Enterprise Computer System

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Dynamex Enterprise Computer System

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Problem Statement4


Decision Making Process7


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The purpose of this study is to plan and execute the implementation of a DECS (Dynamex Enterprise Computer System) in Dynamex Corporation


The market for same-day delivery is still a large industry ($ 10 + million), gradually. There are approximately 4,000 small privately owned entities, a small privately owned group of regional companies and three public companies in the market for delivery the same day. The traditional downtown market demand continues to shrink due to technological advances such as electronic mail and electronic signature. There is still a strong pressure on prices and reductions in the use of demand due to the ongoing economic downturn. We are aware of these challenges and has taken the initiative to identify and capitalize on opportunities for compensation. (Wulf 2001)

The opportunities included moving the 3D (office products, computer hardware and software, medical equipment, industrial supplies, services for the aerospace industry, etc.), outsourcing (fleet management, strategic points of the population, email facilities management, etc.) and local distribution. The geographic focus and marketing of our business continues to evolve. Our sales staff is now focused on the trafficking and distribution of managers and senior executives of our potential customers in the face of the office managers and receptionists yesterday.

Concentration of customers is moving from downtown on the relevance of the area and finding more customers to use our services not only locally but regionally and nationally, as well. (Microsoft 2000)

Problem Statement

An important part of our growth plans are focused on regional and national accounts. By developing a team in the U.S. domestic sales this year, we have focused our efforts on account of opportunities in different markets. We will continue to build on and expand our relationships with existing and future customers by providing transportation solutions from coast to coast.


Our operations in the U.S. came out almost 30% of total sales customers, a multi-service market. By leveraging our presence in major markets, with our extended coverage by our partners in service and providing innovative technology, which provides unique capabilities to our regional and national clients. Operational Focus - We are growing in people, systems and strategies to support an internal rate of double-digit growth. Our services are used by almost all industries. We have a strong competitive position. So recently we made the position of VP of Business Development. One of the priorities of the position involves pursuing new business opportunities both with existing accounts, regional and national potential in Canada and the U.S.

We have a good management organization. We have advanced technology and efficient systems. We have a sales plan and sales structure to maintain and strengthen our customer base. Our regional and national sales will continue to yield. We have documented a list of "prospect" that target specific industries and regions. We have developed a "customer" program is active in customer relations. Running Approach - Image we create an online store that allows us to consolidate our suppliers ...
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