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European Entrepreneurship Case study - E-Admin

European Entrepreneurship Case study - E-Admin

Part 2 - Company Growth

The main reason behind the rapid growth of E-Admin lies in Jonas' approach to the organization and the organization's functions. Realizing that E-Admin was still in an infant stage, Jonas worked tirelessly. In addition, Jonas, was able to utilize the bond of trust that prevails amongst students. Moreover, Jonas' chose to remain directly connected with the internal functioning of E-Admin when it mattered the most.

The company did not have a strategy. The progress was purely reactionary since E-Admin clearly did not expect to undergo the growth and development that it eventually came to experience. While the founder clearly harbored a desire to excel, the manner in which E-Admin developed was unexpected.

Ventures' problems in growth span from the organization's core operations to the support operations that lie at the outskirts of the organization's value chain (Joo & Villamil, 2011; Shaoming, Stough & Jackson, 2009). As a result, it is imperative to give regard to the fact that growth and development should not be taken for granted. Before a company can implement changes in lieu of expansion and growth, it must ascertain the course of action that it will take in order to take maximum advantage of the apparent growth prospects (Keister, 2009; Pechlaner, Herntrei & Kofink, 2009).

With regard to the organization's handling of growth, E-Admin has frequently run into challenges and problems during its growth; but considering the origins of the organization and the process of growth it has experienced it is fair to state that E-Admin handled growth in a naturally positive manner. In essence, the company did not plan the growth that it experienced, but the growth was not undesired. In addition, it merits highlighting that E-Admin clearly began engaging each stage of development ...
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