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 Due to the increasing needs of information technology and systems driven by the fast paced technology, businesses have become e-businesses today, integrating and capitalizing information technology in every aspect of the business.

            Defining Information Technology, it is used to obtain, process, and distribute information that has been integrated in every functional area of a company. It consists of a computer network, telecommunication system, databases and computer programs used within the business (1999). Just like any other technology, information technology is used to improve business processes, increase profitability and gain competitive advantage. IT is composed of hardware such as the computers and peripheral devices including the printers, monitors, video recorders, servers, etc. In industries, the hardware components of IT also involves devices such as machines and other robotics which aid in the flow of information for the different departments in a company (1999) commonly used in the production functions.

            Another component of IT is the software which is used to run the hardware. Software commonly used in businesses includes operating systems, database programming, and software use in Computer Aided Designs (CAD).

The proliferation in recent months of business-to-business (B2B) exchanges the aviation industry is symptomatic, on the one hand, of the growing interest in Web-base market-places that link buyers and sellers directly, without the traditional middlemen. On becoming tools to achieve specific corporate are as the other hand, B2B exchanges increasingly are becoming tools to achieve specific corporate goals--such as increasing sales, improving customer service and cutting back on excess inventory ( 2000).

            The aircraft industry is an important industry, making faster and easier worldwide transportation possible. The aircraft industry is basically divided into nine sectors: commercial and military fixed wing; commercial and military rotorcraft; unmanned aerial systems/vehicles (UAS/UAV); jet engines, aviation workforce; supply/industrial base issues; and air space management ( 2005). 

Company Profile: Boeing

             Boeing is an American company and the world's leading manufacturer of aircraft from commercial jetliners to military aircraft. It began in the 1920s as a military contractor producing fighter aircraft during the war. In the 1950s, Boeing became a leader and the world's largest manufacturer of commercial aircraft with its breakthrough jet, the 707. The 707 was introduced in 1958 that made Boeing outperformed rival companies during that time in terms of technology. However, despite the technology used, the company recovered its investment only in 1964. Boeing then began producing other models such as the 727, 737 and 757 which were all patterned to the design of 707. Boeing used shared design for future models because of the constant pressure experienced by the company to move down the learning curve and reduce overall development costs (2000).

As part of its efforts to extend the benefits of e-business to its airline customers, Boeing launched a new Web site in 2000, , as a single source of online maintenance, engineering and flight operations data. The new portal uses personalized e-business technology from BroadVision, Inc. (Nasdaq: BVSN), which allows content to be customized for each user ...
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