E-Commerce And Its Impact On Organizations

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E-Commerce and Its Impact on Organizations

E-Commerce and its Impact on Organizations

Brief History about Amazon.com

Amazon.com, Inc. is one of the well liked E-Commerce websites on the internet. Besides that, it is furthermore recognized as America's biggest online retailer. It is founded by Jeffrey Preston Bezos in 1994, a former economic analyst for the New York hedge fund D.E. Shaw & Company. Amazon.com is an American e-commerce company with its head office located in Seattle, Washington. (Orton, 2000)

The Amazon.com, which is one of the nation's biggest book sellers, had first started off as an online bookstore but since then, has diversified into several different product lines ranging from DVD, MP3s, CDs, video games, electronics, apparel, computer software and etcetera. Shoppers enjoy buying goods from Amazon.com because it is hassle-free, reasonably priced plus on-time delivery services are offered. Amazon.com has scored a total of 86% for its Customer Satisfaction Index in year 2008. The implication from this is, over a decade, Amazon.com has constructed up believe and good connection with its customers by providing good, dependable services. (Chaffey, 2007)

Due to the emerging believe in e-commerce and Amazon's overall status, the business is developing gigantic annual profits. According to treasure 500-Annual Ranking of America's Largest Corporations, the grading of Amazon.com has gone up vastly, leaping from place 237 in year 2007 to 171 in year 2008.

Brief History about Sainsbury

Sainsbury is working hard to refresh their brand, evolving new formats to match their customers' altering shopping habits. Sainsbury's recapturing their passion for nourishment and employed to improve the service they give to customers. They furthermore evolved a variety of shop formats, such as Sainsbury's Local and Sainsbury's centered, to rendezvous customers' need in exact location. Sainsbury's continue to boost their colleagues to use their own individual gifts in the workplace for the advantages of their customers. (Orton, 2000)

Types of data required for the Success of Amazon.com

Amazon.com has blossomed from an obscure dot-com into one of the best-known names on the Internet in only a few years. The secret behind the success of Amazon.com is the proper identification of information needed for an e-commerce business to succeed which are comprehensive 'help' database, recommender systems, cross-sell, up-sell, mass-customization and the essence of security. (Chaffey, 2007)

Types of Information needed for the Success of Sainsbury's.com

The assembly on the internet is global. Although having said that, as Sainsbury's is based purely in the United Kingdom, it means that people can still gain full access of their website in a foreign company but will be constrained against purchasing goods and services off of their website as Sainsbury's do not operate abroad. So consequently it still means that consumers can still shop anywhere within the United States, at anytime and is accessible anywhere in the United States. (Orton, 2000)

Moreover neither Sainsbury's nor Tesco's websites are multi-lingual, which restricts a visitors to choose their language upon entering a site. If a multi-lingual website was set up then this would be more likely to expose a larger ...
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