E-Payment Issue

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E-Payment Issue

E-Payment Issue

E-Payment Issue


Electronic commerce (EC) is constructed upon e-payment ftems (EPS). As EC becomes a foremost component of enterprise procedures for numerous companies, e-payment has become one of the most critical issues for thriving enterprise and economic services.

In comparison to the traditional payment methods, e-payment techniques have some favorable characteristics, encompassing security, reliability, scalability, anonymity, acceptability, privacy, effectiveness, and convenience. EPS have profited acknowledgement and have been established all through the world. Countries for example France, the US, and the UK have completely evolved systems, while districts for example the Asia-Pacific rim supply the development impetus to the industry.

Electronic payment is very befitting for the consumer. In most situations, you only require going in your account data -- for example you're borrowing business card number and boats address -- once. The data is then retained in a database on the retailer's Web server. When you come back to internet location, you just log in with your username and password. Completing a transaction is as straightforward as banging your mouse: All you have to manage is affirm your buy and you're done.

Electronic payment decreases charges for businesses. The more payments they can method electronically, the less they spend theoretically and postage. Offering electronic payment can furthermore assist enterprises advance clientele retention. A clientele is more probable to come back to the identical e-commerce location where his or her data has currently been went into and stored.

With all the advantages of electronic payment, it's no marvel that its use is on the rise. More than 12 billion ACH payments were made in 2004, a 20 per hundred boosts from 2003. The 2004 Federal Reserve Payments Study documented that from 2000 to 2003, electronic payments increased as payment by ascertain turned down, which proposes that electronic payments are restoring checks.

In alignment to better assist their clients, banks are swiftly going to offer online account pay services. Grant Thornton's 2005 review of bank bosses discovered that 65 per hundred of community banks and 94 per hundred of large banks offer 24/7 online account payment. Most of these services are free to constituents and coordinate effortlessly with individual programs for example Quicken or MS Money. Alternatively, buyers can subscribe to online account pay services for example Paytrust or Yahoo! Bill Pay. These services ascribe a monthly charge in exchange for the convenience of paperless account paying.

My aim of the essay is to analysis the current situation of the payment online in e-commerce. I will use different approaches and common situation that happen online payment security.

The payment online is defined as a kind of system in e-commerce business who allowing money transfers to be made only through the internet.

In today's business environment is characterized by the frequency and speed political changes, economic, cultural and technological-started after the process industrialization. Given this context the necessity of organizations are seeking to permanently flexible and adaptable so that they can survive in a market where they are located, shaping the changes that ...
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