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In this paper, we describe one of the external aspects of e- procurement and e-supply chain to implement at Marks and Spencer. After initial recognition of the importance of the use of electronic networks, both internally and externally in business we define the function purchases as part of supply and, in turn, procurement. Moreover, we will look into the applicability of e-procurement across all categories of spend, highlighting any potential risks as well as evaluate the benefit of the application of a range of e-procurement tools within the Marks and Spencer's supply chain.

The Internet phenomenon and all the technological developments that are taking place around him to drive business performance of Marks and Spencer through the Internet are reshaping value chains and forcing companies to redefine strategic planning. In this area, the scope of e-procurement, or supply with the help of Internet, is almost unlimited, and few companies use it thoroughly.

In addressing the concept of supply chain, it is clear that the interpretation admits procurement as physical distribution, like storage and transportation of the finished products to customers or other stores distribution network.

The electronic dimension is, therefore, far beyond the mere buying and selling over the network, covering many other manifestations of company's activity, but our attention in this paper focuses on the "e-logistics" and specifically on the "e-procurement."


Task 1

Prepare a critique of the applicability of e-procurement across all categories of spend, highlighting any potential risks.

The digital marketplaces are becoming increasingly important. In the case, of Marks and Spencer, they are in urgent need to communicate with their suppliers and it is also important for suppliers to speed up their procurement tasks. In this case, the strong purchasing potential Marks and Spencer is forcing suppliers to enter into this market. E-procurement enables a lot of benefits in terms of cost and time required. Its introduction, reorganization and realignment of business processes in enterprises connected with each other is probably the key success factor of e-procurement.

E-procurement deals with the optimization of relations between companies and suppliers by supporting the conventional procurement process through electronic media. The width of the applications of e-procurement systems ranges from B2B Desktop Purchasing systems like two or more partners is electronically linked within the public markets, where work is generally catalogued with an ordering system.

In the implementation of the e-procurement processes and function that traditionally differ three broad management areas; supply, production and distribution physics. E-procurement processes and function manages resources and materials flow from source to end user and relevant information at the lowest cost to satisfy customer needs in terms of quantity, time and place, according to the service objectives established in the general policy of the company. Given this definition, the primary objective would Logistics optimizing the supply chain, understood as the set of integrated activities aimed at satisfying the need client effectively and efficiently, that is meeting regularly agreed commitments that are established with the client are maintained at the lowest cost.

The physical layout is responsible for the ...
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