E-Services In Banking Sector

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E-services in Banking Sector


This study examines aspects of the project team is improving the process in system of Internet-banking service and changing phases. To explore how Group processes could be improved in this regard, the four intervention methods was developed and used in research studies in which the researcher was included as one of the team members and participate in group meetings and discussions. Internet banking is an online service that is expected to provide benefits for both banks and the Bank's clients. Internet-banking allows the clients of the Bank have the freedom to fulfill its financial activities in their convenience. Develop, maintain and improve systems for Internet banking requires large investments to maintain a high level of quality Internet banking services, as well as maintaining and changing phases of the lifecycle of a significant portion of this investment. Therefore, in order to ensure a high level of comfort, reliability and quality of the services of Internet-banking, commercial banks have to make substantial investments in maintenance and modification phases of the lifecycle of their Internet banking system ". Four Interventional techniques change, used in this study was: departmental participation, equal participation, holistic script, and management support. The four methods, impact on the developing process improvement services and change the phase of the Internet banking system. These contributions are also directly enhancing the efficiency of the Internet banking service system commands, and there was no significant improvement in the Internet banking system maintenance and modification phase.

Table of Contents


Context for the research5

Problem statement5

The purpose of the study/scope of the research6

Significance of the Study6

Research questions9

Central questions9

Subresearch questions9


Selected theoretical paradigm or research positions: a qualitative study11

The choice of method: Action Research11

Data Analysis12


Internet banking survey14

Internet banking as an innovation17


Implementation of technology19



Context for the research

This study examines the process of improving the system of internet banking in the development, maintenance and modification phase with four intervention methods of change and cross-functional multi-level team. The unity of this study, Internet-based Systems team, assumes the maintenance and modification activities must be developed. The main objective of this study is to investigate how this phase can be improved. There are several reasons why the Internet banking service, and phase change in the value of my education is study:

• Lack of Internet banking service, and Phase Change in Internet banking literature

• Development of Internet Banking

• Requirements for maintenance and modification

• The role of team

Problem statement

Internet banking is characterized by large initial investment. Internet banking system, such as information systems, the flexibility and advantages for the banks and their customers know. The high investment required developing a system of internet banking and a high degree of comfort, reliability and service quality to offer Internet banking, commercial banks has to make large investments in information systems development. Research have presented cost of brick and mortar stores and internet banking service. (Bell 2007 p.595) On average, it costs less than $ 25,000 to create a web presence, and ...
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