Early Islamic Mysticism

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Early Islamic Mysticism

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Islamic Mysticism2

Early Islamic Mysticism3

Concepts of Fana (Annihilation)4

Initiation of the Process of Fana and Irfan5

Work of Jalaluddin Rumi6

The Fana in Sufism6

Fana and Irfan in Islam7

Link between Islamic Mysticism, Fana and Irfan8

Early Islamic Mysticism


The term Early Islamic mysticism is used for the religious trends in the spiritual history of Islam. Islam is a religion which was originated by the Prophet Muhammad. From its origin, the mystical inclination has been seen among the Muslims, and it played a significant role in the nourishment of the Islamic faith. This movement was firstly expressed in Arabic, and then in many other languages. Islamic mysticism is commonly known as Sufism. The word “ism” is an English word used for a school of thoughts or an ideology. It would be incorrect to say that Islamic mysticism is easy to understand. Sufism is a category of Islamic mysticism, which describes the spiritual practices by the Muslims following this path. Sufism is not mandatory in Islam but the person practicing Sufism is respected by the Muslims at large.


Islamic Mysticism

Islamic mysticism is something expressing the spiritual activities by the Muslims to gain maximum satisfaction to soul. Islamic mysticism is based on spirituality of a human being. The early Islamic mysticism includes many concepts such as Sufism or Tasawwuf, which is the mystical aspect of Islam. The person practicing Sufism is known as a “Sufi”. There are different levels in Sufism which will be discussed later. Sufism is the only way for an individual to reach God by transcending himself. These spiritual values lead an individual towards the vision of God. Islamic mysticism includes the Metaphysics knowledge which can be defined by the term “gnosis” (irfan). The term Irfan in Sufism means “Wisdom made up of Knowledge and sanctity.” Many Sufis define gnosis as a synonym of love, but there is a great difference in the meaning of love for Sufis as compared to a love which is practicing currently (Chittick, 2005, pp. 22). Sufism is a way of spending life for the sake of God (Chittick, 2005, pp. 9-10).

Early Islamic Mysticism

Early Islamic mysticism is explained in the oldest existing definition “aapprehension of divine realities”, and Prophet Mohammad mystics are affectionate of calling themselves “the followers of the Real”. The early Islamic mysticism was a substitute to the Persian mythology. The Muslims met Buddhist and practiced same like them. The early Abbasid Muslims have contacts with the Christians, they saw the wise monks and it was the fictional element the Sufi legends of early Islam. In attempting, to forward their central set of guidelines, there are certain methods, characteristics and principles of the inner existence as it has been lived by Muslims of every condition and class from the era of eighth century to the present. Difficult paths which they threaded dark and mystifying the pathless altitude beyond but even if we may not hope to go along with the travellers to their voyage's end, any information that we have collected regarding their religious history and ...
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