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Part 1


In the given model, N is the number of times a customer expects to play the mini golf each summer, P is the cost of the pass and C is the cost per game.

Condition under which Buying the Pass Makes More Sense

If, N = P

that is, 50 = 50

Condition under which Paying Each Time Makes More Sense

If, N = C

that is, 6 = 6


From the statement given by the Senator Steve, it can be observed that the low skilled workers in the Federal Allocation of Regional Talent pilot program faced an average hourly wage of $12 and 7% unemployment rate which can cause various problems for the low skilled workers. For that reason, it can be said that the skills of low skilled workers should be tested in context of the trainings provided to the workers and practical experience that is the workers have. These tests should be included for the effectiveness of the program that is Federal Allocation of Regional Talent pilot program in raising wages and lowering the unemployment rate.

Part 2

Paper 1

The paper's topic

The topic of the selected article is “Optimality, Efficiency, and Equity: A Comparative Analysis of Australia's Healthcare System”.

The paper's question

What are the reasons of success of two tiered health care system of Australia?

The paper's strong points

The data pertaining to the Australian health care system is properly organized and presented in context of total expenditures to gross domestic product with the current prices and the total health care expenditures with real and nominal rates.

The paper's drawbacks

For the analysis of the data improper research methodology is applied on the study that is no statistical techniques or procedures are applied on the data which is related to Australian health care system.

Paper 2

The paper's topic

The topic of the selected article is “Determinants of ...
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