Ecology And Environment

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Ecology and Environment

Ecology and Environment


Ecology is the science of behavior of living being with their environment. Ecologists study the changes in living organisms due to their surrounding which they often refer as ecosystems. Ecosystems not only includes the living organism but it also includes the relationship between these living organism with respect to primary production, nutrient cycle and everything which is associated with the growth and development of the living organism. It also includes the way nature reproduces itself. Ecosystems refer to the environment that surrounds a living organism. The plants, tress, sea, oceans etc and their action and reaction to the living organisms (Li, Lafortezza & Chen, 2011).


In this paper I will discuss about my local and surrounding ecologies and environment, factors distinguishing ecology and environment, effects of local ecosystems on the activities of human being. The effects of global warming to my local ecosystems and comparison between my local and ecosystems and ecosystems of the other parts of the world will also be discussed.

My local and surrounding ecologies

The place from where I belong has a very diverse ecology with diverse wildlife living in that area. It is believed that the place I belong too has been a victim of chaos due to this diversified living creature. If we talk about the plants it is observed that some of the plants in my surroundings are long lasting and some are grown easily this helps the human being which are associated with that ecology and the wildlife to sustain in changing weather and environment. The state in which I live has not a constant climate overall. It varies from place to place. If we discuss whole state we will find that at some place the climate is humid and subtropical while at some places we can find a less humid and ...
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