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Economics Coursework

Economic Coursework

Economic Coursework


The report will present an analysis of any company operating in the leisure, banking, or hospitality sector. The firm that has been chosen for this report is HSBC. The report will analyse the firm in terms of its demand, supply, and problems faced.

HSBC belonged to the banking sector. It is a company that offers banking and financial services. The company is headquartered in London, United Kingdom.

Key Issues with HSBC

In the 21st century, HSBC has confronted a gamut of issues and challenges. The company is focused towards expanding its business through strategic partnerships. The core values of HSBC include financial strength and stability. The uncertainties and turbulence in the global economy has influenced the progress of the company. However, the company has taken diverse strategic actions in order to deal with the uncertain world.

HSBC has confronted diverse challenges. One of the key issues associated with the company is technical management. The company's technical team is not effective enough to manage customer data. This situation has resulted in data leaks and missing data. The issue has proved to be very controversial for the company. The problems caused by poor technical management have made HSBC a victim of several protests (Fitch, 2003, pp. 23).

Another key issue and challenge confronted by HSBC is growth. The companies operating in the finance and banking sector are taking a forward-looking approach in order to grow their business. The companies operating in the market are reconsidering and re-evaluating their financial options. This strategy is preferred by businesses in order to adopt and develop evolving strategic priorities. In order to compete in the market, HSBC also needs to consider the evaluation of strategic options that can lead towards the growth of the business.

Products and Services Offered by HSBC

The products offered by HSBC include:

Credit cards

Bank accounts

The services offered by HSBC include:

Overdraft service

Card Security service

Security Centre

Price of Products

HSBC Credit Card

The purchase price for HSBC credit card is 0% p.a. for three months. The APR of HSBC credit card is 17.9%.

HSBC Premium Credit Card

Another product offered by HSBC is HSBC premium credit card. The purchase price for the premium credit card is 0% for nine months. The APR for the premium card is 11.9%.

HSBC has introduced a supplier invoice finance scheme. This scheme is a part of HSBC's factoring. The supplier invoice finance scheme is also an important part of the open account finance proposition. The platform has been developed to offer a complete range of finance solutions. These solutions include traditional factoring product as well as the import factoring products.

The Supplier Invoice Finance Scheme is a new scheme introduced by HSBC. The scheme is a new system-based factoring proposition. It has been developed to provide funding facilities to suppliers. The step taken by HSBC has been appreciated by suppliers. The scheme has proved to be effective for HSBC and its suppliers. Under the scheme, all transactions will be processed online. It will result in the reduction of paper ...
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