Editorial: Liberal Women Drown In Whines

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Editorial: Liberal Women Drown in Whines

In the editorial Liberal Women Drown in Whines, author Michelle Malkin uses various strategies to help support the article's harsh and biased tone. Malkin uses invective language, diction, and quotations out of context in an attempt to demonstrate what she views as the hypocrisy of certain female supporters of Senator John Kerry. To further enhance her views, she handpicks absurd remarks made by female celebrities in support of their candidate. Malkin also uses wit quite effectively, however the reader's reaction to this wit will no doubt depend on their political preference. The editorial takes the viewpoint that the discussion of any issue other than a Bush-supported position of the Iraq war is an outrageous and misguided ordering of the nation's priorities.

After introducing us to the allusion to "Rosie the Riveter" as the ideal female from World War II, Malkin launches into an attack on modern day liberal feminist viewpoints. Malkin uses invective language and diction to describe the hypocrisy she observes in women she terms Sniveling Sallys. Compared to our parents, and their parents, most of us hardly ever encounter the idea of gender discrimination. While it could just be my isolated opinion, it seems to me that women today don't feel constrained to do certain jobs, or stay at home having children. The days where women were simply secretaries, kindergarten teachers, or housewives seem to be distant memory to most of us today, and while we cannot say gender discrimination is entirely gone, it is vastly decreased. Today, former first lady Hillary Clinton is a senator, many of the most powerful CEOs are women, and even my girlfriend is a civil engineer. By labeling these women and their causes with phrases such as "self-absorbed", "sanctimonious", and "ostentations", she sets up the reader to agree with ...
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