Edna Annie Proulx

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Women's Literature on Annie Proulx

Women's Literature on Annie Proulx

Thesis Statement

“The writings of Proulx show that she has confirmed the best emotions and hopes for the prospective life of America”.


Edna Annie Proulx was born in United States on 22 August in the year 1935. She completed her education in Bachelors of Arts from University of Vermont in 1969. She settled in Wyoming. She used to write articles as a freelancer for magazines like Gourmet. In 1988, she got her first publication of a short story collection by the title “Heart Songs and Other Stories”. In this collection of short stories, Heart Songs, she showed her concerns about crystallizing. After her first publication, she started writing novels that adapted with her intense plots and intricate characterizations (Hunt, 2009).

The writings of E. Annie Proulx are regarding people who are required to work for the living. Those people worked hard to make what they were able to make out of the scraps. All the books of Proulx gave a sense that if we are able to maintain some level of humanity in such situations then who knows what may be possible in the coming time. Proulx is extremely practical writer whose writings have stirred the emotions that have the similar roots as those of structured politics (Hunt, 2009).


Proulx's Darkly Comic but Sad Fiction

She was a writer whose darkly humorist but, sad imaginary tale was popularized with original, unforgettable people and families. She had explored many places and extensively researched the physical backgrounds of people of different places. She used the regional patterns of speech, astonishing and scathing language very frequently. Unconventional plots twist her novels and stories regarding the decayed families who are attached to the land.

At the age of 56, her first novel, Postcards, was published in the year 1991. In that novel, she used the device of picture postcards mailed from the road during forty years time to show the variations in the life of Americans. This novel was a critical achievement, and she won an award for her work. This motivated her and made her a full time novel writer (Hunt, 2009).

Hope in a Deserted Landscape

In her book with the title of Loyal Blood, a man murders his fiancée and buries her body under a dry stone wall. In that book, we discover the cause of crime as the sexual fury and partially to prevent that lady from leaving for New York. That appears to be complete wartime opportunity that the money is only poured down, and you are only required to stand in the appropriate place with opened hands. The body would be discovered soon, when the loyal blood left his home and joining one hob after one more mill worker, fossil hunter, bean grower. The only link with his family is the post cards he used to send home without any return address (Hunt, 2009). The writer put together the luck of the traveling loyal, never capable of touching a lady; with the family he had left and ...
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