Education And Professional Experience Related To Social Service Work

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Education and Professional Experience Related To Social Service Work

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Future Plans3

Two Areas of Social Service Work3

Agencies Selected3

Knowledge, Experience and Skills4

Knowledge and Skills5

a) Your own self awareness5

b) Your professional attitude5

c) Your critical thinking6

d) Your communication skills6

e) Your practice skills7

f) Your administration skills7

g) Special training you received or workshops you attended7

Professional Development Goals8

Steps towards Achieving Goals8


References10Education and Professional Experience Related To Social Service Work


Future Plans

Two Areas of Social Service Work

The 2 areas of social service work that are of my interest in finding employment after graduation would be:

Community-Based Services (individual, couple and family services/spousal support, and parenting groups).

Immigrant Settlement Services.

Agencies Selected The two agencies selected who offer these services include:

Catholic Community Services of York Region (CCSYR) and

(OW) Ontario Works.

The agencies selected offer services in the areas of community based and immigrant settlement services. In the first area that is specified, the service will be provided for individuals in the form of disability or health concerns, spousal support and parenting groups. Whereas, the second area of concern is immigrant settlement which is going to provide employment counseling, referred to job skills training, education and employment services.

Knowledge, Experience and Skills

My knowledge, experience and skills will prove to be an asset for the agency. Knowledge will prove to be valuable in this occupation because it requires both theoretical and practical understanding of the work. Through proper knowledge of specific work I can use my self-concept. This allows me as a social worker to strive for authenticity and genuineness of information with the client who is going to be served. Skills like helping others, solving relationship issues, and team working ability, are very important for helping on a social basis along with having professionalism of doing work. These skills are my main competencies for carrying out the social work. Going before to this profession, I have done a detailed study of community awareness. The skills of problem solving or critical thinking are competent enough to have the issues done of social society.

My oral and written communication skills will definitely going to be an asset for the organization because they are going to help me in handling the worst situations as well. Through communication skills, customers are interviewed for assessing their needs and determining to provide any kind of service they require. In regard of experience, every person feels anxiety in performing job at the initial level. The experience of it let you realize that your sense of self is speaking to you working as a social worker. By sharing personal experiences and past problems with the clients normalize the experience of client frequently. This will provide an open opportunity for modeling suitable responses and behaviors. I have a hands-on experience in counseling the individuals on the problem of disability. I gain good quality experience of working in a residential home and a day centre as well. It was a paid work experience. This can prove to be a valuable asset for the agency because along with the professional ...
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