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Canadian Educational System Based School in UAE

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Canadian Educational System Based School in UAE


Education is a part of Western concept of attainment of knowledge. Provision and attainment of knowledge is an experience of its kind. Those involved in the provision of education such as teachers, educational leaders, academic researchers and trainers have a lot of responsibility on their shoulder (Shaw, 1997).

The education system in UAE is based on the traditional British system. The quality of education and learning is not as good as it should be in today's age of ever growing competition. The typical rote learning culture exists in almost all the schools. Primary education plays a pivotal role in that it forms the foundation for future education. Any fault in the primary education has lifelong impact on the students as only a strong foundation can support a strong infrastructure. What most educational leaders in UAE fail to understand is the fact that schooling and education is not about putting a few concepts in the minds of the students. It is about shaping their personality, ensuring intellectual vitality and turning them into leaders of tomorrow (Shaw, 1997). Are UAE schools making leaders of tomorrow? Is the quality of education in the UAE as good as it is in European and American schools? Have we ever considered revising our curriculum? Do we ever pay attention to training and research in the field of education? Is the budget supporting the changes required?

Looking at the problems in the educational system in the UAE, my goal as an educational leader is to establish a private school in the UAE which is conventional in its strong ties with the Islamic teachings and modern in its philosophy and innovative teaching methodology. In my school, we will not just ensure dissemination of knowledge instead the focus of my school will be to encourage students to critically evaluate everything they learn and participate in the learning process. The vision of my school is to bring in the Canadian educational system in the UAE while remaining closely intact with provision of Islamic education. The purpose is to innovate the age old teaching methodology that fails to meet the need of the time. The aim of my school will be to lay a firm foundation on which students along with their parents will be able to build a successful future.

The challenge

Setting up a school is not something easy and there are many challenges involved in this. The amalgamation of Canadian and UAE educational system might result in confusion among the highly religious in terms of faulty perception. Some of them might think that I am trying to bring in the western culture, and I am a propagator of the western philosophy. The challenge in the achievement of my goal is to communicate to my target audience the need for this type of school and prevent any misconceptions. The Canadian teaching methodology and educational system is far ...
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